June 17, 2016

Navigos Search has recently published a report on the recruitment demands for mid-level and senior managers in Vietnam in Q1/2016. The report was made based on the recruitment demands sent by our clients to us in the Quarter. Some notable recruitment trends have also been recorded in the report.

Fast growth in recruitment demands for mid-level and senior managers
Recruitment demands for mid-level managers in the Industrial and Manufacturing rank the 1st with 29%. It is followed by the Consumer Goods & Retail and the Banking – Insurance – Securities – Finance, which account for 16% and 12%, respectively. The most recruited positions involve in sales & marketing, IT engineering, electricity/ electronics engineering, human resources…

March witnessed strong growth in recruitment requirements submitted by enterprises. In particular, the month’s growth rate equals to nearly 50% and 60% in comparison with that in January and February, respectively. Also, the recruitment requirements sent by clients to Navigos Search increased by 48% compared to that in Quarter 1 last year.

Sharp movements in senior managers in the Drinks & Beverages and the Logistic & Supply Chain Management

Quarter 1, 2016 saw remarkable movements in senior managers in the Drinks & Beverages and the Logistic & Supply Chain Management. The Drinks and Beverages sector has been increasingly competitive when more and more foreign companies participate in the local market. Many senior managers working in this sector’s enterprises have been replaced by foreigner peers who are sent from overseas groups.
The same situation took place in the Logistic & Supply Chain Management when many changes in senior managers have also been seen. They are often replaced by foreign managers who are internally appointed by overseas groups.

Many Vietnamese groups and corporations look for senior managers
In Quarter 1, 2016, Navigos Search received a lot of recruitment requirements for senior managers from Vietnamese groups and corporations. One common point can be seen among these groups and corporations, that is, they desire to develop professionally after a long period of applying family-based management models. They are ready to pay high salaries to attract Vietnamese or overseas Vietnamese talents to work for them.

Scarcity of human resources in the digital banking and bridge software engineering
Bridge software engineers who are both functionally qualified and good at Japanese have been being scarce. Besides, more and more banks are trying to recruit digital banking candidates. It is not an easy task to recruit these candidates since this is still a new sector in Vietnam. Therefore, banks which have implemented or will apply digital banking also prioritize to recruit digital-related candidates in the e-commerce sector.

Highest salaries belong to the Banking and Services
In this Quarter, 2 positions with highest salaries belong to senior directors of a commercial bank and a customer services company. They enjoy a monthly salary of over 200 million VND.
Positions with a monthly salary ranging from 100 million dong to 145 million dong are all available in the Health Care, Customer Services, Trading and Banking.