Navigos Search consultants advised young students in VietAbroader event

August 18, 2015

On August 1st, Navigos Search’s recruitment consultants attended an event held by VietAbroader at Sofitel Plaza Hanoi.
The event named VietAbroader Career Talks 2015 aimed to provide participants, mostly young students studying abroad, with useful information and guidance on effective resume writing and interview skills.


Navigos Search consultants – Ms. Binh Minh and Ms. Bich Nga – are two advisors at VietAbroader Career Talks 2015

The HR discussion also covered important topics for young students like recruitment preference trend in terms of skills and personal traits; factors that make applicants stand out; common mistakes; common strengths and weaknesses among overseas students as compared to domestic ones.

The participants also had their resumes reviewed by HR experts and had a chance to attend a trial interview in fields such as Financial Services, PR/Marketing, IT. The ‘interviewees’ were assessed based on their gestures, styles, preparation, answers in the interview sessions.

VietAbroader is a non-profit, student-run organization. Its goal is to empower and inspire the Vietnamese youth worldwide to promote the sustainable development of Vietnam by organizing educational and professional programs to equip Vietnamese youth with knowledge and a support network for their academic and professional developments.