Navigos Search’s report on high level executive demands in Q2/2014

July 15, 2014

Navigos Search has just published the data on executive search demand in Vietnam Market based on customers’ orders in Q2/2014.

In this Quarter, these are the five industries with the highest demand for qualified executives:

  • Manufacturing, with 17% of the total demand for executives.
  • FMCG/ Retails, with 14% of the total demand.
  • Banking – Finance – Insurance, with 10% of the total demand.
  • Information Technology, with nearly 9% of the total demand.
  • Textile/Garments, with 7% of the total demand.

Among these top five industries with the highest demand for qualified executives in this quarter, FMCG/ Retails had a sharp hike with 14% of the total demand, compared to 6% from Q1, pushing Banking – Finance – Insurance to the 3rd place with only 10%. Additionally, Textile/Garments for the first time ever had reached the top 5 industries with highest demand.

Recruitment demand in HCMC was still higher than that of Hanoi. The industry with the highest salary in Q2 was Life Sciences of HCMC for the position of Sales Director (161 million VND/month). The industry with the highest salary in Hanoi was Industrial for the position of HR Director (147 million VND/month).

Also in Q2/2014, Navigos Search had additional statistics on industries with the highest pay ($1000+). In Hanoi, industries include Financial Services, Technical and Sales & Marketing have the highest salaries for their employees.

In HCMC, Sales & Marketing was the industry with the highest salary. It should be noted that in Q2, a lot of industries including Pharmaceutical, FMCG/Retails, Hospitality, Manufacturing …are in need of, and willing to pay high salary for qualified and experienced executives as well. Technical and IT were the next two industries with the highest paid of Q2/2014 of HCMC.

Forecasting in Q3, IT, FMCG and Garments will climb to the top industries with highest demand for qualified executives, since they already accounted for 19% – 13% and 11% of the total orders from customers of Navigos Search in the first 10 days of July, respectively.