Seoul Office

Address 3F, Kium Yes Savings Bank Building, 726-11, YeokSamDong, GangNamKu, Seoul, Korea
Phone +82-2-6123-0100
FAX +82-2-6123-0188

Message from the President, Simon Kim

Simon2104157It is my great pleasure to introduce en world services to Korea. en world Korea is an integral part of en world’s globalization strategy to continue expansion worldwide and in the Asia Pacific region, and it is the fifth office to open in the region after Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.
Korea is recognized as one of the most thriving economies in the world and offers huge opportunities to both companies and professionals. en world Korea is committed to meeting the needs of corporate leaders and top professionals in this strong, but competitive business environment.

With the opening of the Korea office, we hope to further enhance our renowned track record of success in the region, uniting the recruiting requirements of our clients to the best people in the market. en world has already firmly established its presence in the region as the trusted business partner for world’s market leaders in the most competitive markets. We, en world Korea, inheriting the knowhow and proven success of en world, are privileged to continue the reputation of the renowned service in the recruitment industry.

At the core of our service, we have five values: team work, customer service, continuous improvement, quality and integrity. We strongly believe that these five core values act as the most crucial ingredient in the formula of success for both companies and professionals we serve. With this philosophy in mind, our service is never ‘one for all.’ Having in-depth insight into people and business practice, we will maximize our synergies from our global offices to provide customized service to meet your diverse requirements and grow your business and develop your career one step further. With such business philosophy, we will not limit ourselves to working only with certain industries and professionals at certain levels. Our service is open to all industries and high-performing professionals at all levels.

If you are working to strengthen your organization, or if you are ready for your next career challenge, contact me directly at: Together with the team of top professional Consultants at en world Korea, we look forward to the opportunity of working with you as the most trusted and innovative staffing and recruitment partner.