RAN Service Engineer

Opportunity in top-tier telecom company.

Position Closed
Category Field Service Engineer
Salary 5 - 7
Work Type Permanent
Job Location Kanagawa
Ref.# BWOLF 3149923
Date 2013-03-18


Opportunity in top-tier telecom company.


*University degree of telecommunication, network engineering, wireless technology or IT (programming, system engineer).
*More than 3 years of knowledge and experience with other types of communication equipment system (either fixed or mobile)
*Communication skills and personal ability to establish good customer relationship

Preferred Experience

*Telecom experience is preferred, but not necessary.
*English comunication is preferred but not necessary.

Desired Traits

Career-minded individual; Proactive

Additional Notes

* Reason for Opening: New position due to expansion of department
* Location: Shin Yokohama

Company Description

This company is a world-leading telecom company with networks in more than 100 countries globally. They offer end-to-end telecom solutions for their diverse clientele.


*Feature verification/Acceptance test for new projects
*Coordination and implementation of network, deployment of new software, new feature activation, new hardware integration & rollout, etc
*Customer interface and technical support during preparation and implementation of network deployment activities

Description of Benefits

Holidays: Typical Japanese holiday schedule

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(Position Closed)