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Category Insurance
Salary 4 - 5.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MHASH 4085750
Post Date 2015-08-31
新設DCのファシリティーマネジャー 大阪


Category Real Estate / NPL
Salary 8 - 10 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Kansai
Ref.# SOKUN 3744753
Post Date 2015-08-30


Category Insurance
Salary 5 - 7 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MHASH 4093205
Post Date 2015-08-30
PMO Manager

Step into Project Management Office

Category Project Management
Salary 8 - 10 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# SBIRD 4102442
Post Date 2015-08-30
The Project Management Office is responsible for a large a varied portfolio of 80+ projects across a dynamic and complex organisation. The main scope of the department is for project
governance,policy creation, portfolio management, business case review and project approval.

This manager position will need to;
- build a partnership with key stakeholders
- advise on PMO processes
- monitor projects
- conduct dependency management
- support business case review
- share internal best practices and raise overall standard across the organisation


Category Bus. / Corp. Planning
Salary 8 - 12 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MHASH 4274078
Post Date 2015-08-28
*グローバル、親会社レポート先) とのコミュニケーション、グローバルへの適切なレポーティング
Facility Manager for Customer Service Site

Facilities role in a great city

Category Facilities
Salary 8 - 12.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Japan: Other Areas
Ref.# JBONI 4274085
Post Date 2015-08-28
Provides overall facility related services to internal clients

Life/safety programs
-Space inventories and allocations
-Lease tracking and management
-Business resumption support
-Project management.

Day-to-day interaction with the building property manager or Landlord to address needs as they arise. Will also provide financial and budgeting support.
Head Of Investment

An excellent job opportunity.

Category Portfolio Management
Salary 2,000 - 5,000 USD
Work Type Permanent
Location Ha Noi
Ref.# BUI 1127951
Post Date 2015-08-26
• Recruit and maintain a capable team for the Investment Department.
• Arrange attendance at client meetings as required and provide professional advisory services/consultancy.
• Arrange regular “catch-up” meetings with all key clients for the Investment Department.
• Assist with report writing, presentation and overall delivery within the Investment Department.
• Ensure department representation at all relevant business functions, seminars and conferences.
• Able to give presentations on the property market to local and international clients, independently.
• Actively seek new clients for the Investment Department and the company as a whole.
• Actively seek property investment and development opportunities for developers and investors in Vietnam.
• Maintain excellent databases and records of all potential investment and development opportunities in Vietnam, as well as investor/developer details.
• Produce international standard marketing materials for property investment opportunities as required.
• To actively seek a good understanding of financial modeling and investment terminology in relation to real estate.
• To ensure that retained clients receive regular market updates, meetings, presentations and services, in line with the scope of services in the relevant contract.
• Performing any other duties & special assignments as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
• Provide the BOD with an annual budget and business plan for the department.
• To independently negotiate and close deals to meet revenue targets for the department.
Leasing Manager

MNC seeking talent for regional projects

Category Project Management
Salary 5,000 - 10,000 SGD
Work Type Permanent
Location Singapore
Ref.# YUNIS 4087621
Post Date 2015-08-24
Investigate retail market of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other South-East Asian countries
Make plans of tenant mix for projects
Make appointments with tenants and negotiate conditions for projects
Attend to possible tenants / guests / business associates / colleagues for site viewing
Manage the leasing staff and communicate with the staff of related companies
Make reports and documents to communicate with HQ
Carry out any special assignments that may be required of you by General Manager


Category Construction & Development
Salary 7 - 10 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# ACHIH 4149852
Post Date 2015-08-23

Insurance Consultant

Has a lot of global exposure

Category Insurance
Salary 5 - 15 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# TTOMI 4021679
Post Date 2015-08-22
*Provide business strategy and process improvement consulting to clients in the insurance sector


Category Acquisitions
Salary 6 - 13 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# ACHIH 4310104
Post Date 2015-08-20
-案件のソーシング(提案型営業、テナント営業(BTS)も含む) -案件の詳細な調査-物流不動産マーケットについての情報収集・調査 -事業収支の作成 -契約決済に関連した各種文書作成 -物流施設開発用地取得業務に関連する各種調整業務(社外、社内ともに)


Category Project Management
Salary 6 - 12 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# ACHIH 3597358
Post Date 2015-08-19

大手ショッピングモール リーシング担当

Category Property Management
Salary 6 - 9.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# ACHIH 4010947
Post Date 2015-08-19
1) 既存/新規テナントのマネジメント業務
- テナント運営マニュアル、チェックリスト等のテナントマネジメント業務に関するポリシー類のアップデート、遵守の指導
- テナント誘致/契約交渉のサポート
- テナント契約業務(契約更新、新規契約締結に際しての社内審査等のプロセスマネジメント)
- テナントの窓口として、各種要請などの一次対応
2) テナントマネジメントに関する方針/施策の企画・立案のサポート、資料作成


Category Construction
Salary 6 - 9 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# KHASE 4186759
Post Date 2015-08-19