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Regulatory Affairs Executive

A good chance to improve your career

Category Regulatory Affairs
Salary 800 - 1,500 USD
Work Type Permanent
Location Ha Noi
Ref.# MAPHA 1125794
Post Date 2016-04-29
• Register and maintain product registration license, company operation license, promotion material license, labeling in compliance with local regulations and company policy.
• Provide appropriate regulatory & technical expertise to RA activities and support other departments.
• Perform other tasks relating to Public Affair, Regulatory activities as assigned
Product Specialist

One of the leading pharmaceutical company of US based.

Category Business Development / Licensing
Salary 500,000 - 800,000 INR
Work Type Permanent
Location North India
Ref.# PRASA phaprasa04
Post Date 2016-04-26
covering hospital and generating revenue.
Pharmaceutical Licensing Manager


Category Business Development / Licensing
Salary 10 - 15 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# ASHEI 3148501
Post Date 2016-04-25
- Build up strategy, plan and propose any deals relating to in- and out-licensing, acquisition or divestiture of products or business of both Gx and Rx in line with the strategy
- Present Sandoz capabilities and propose Sandoz value proposition to the potential partners
- Create key deal terms, propose to and negotiate with the partner
- Coordinate with internal and external customers to make deals happen and close
Portfolio Manager (Pharmaceutical Company)

Fastest Growing Pharma Company

Category Business Development / Licensing
Salary 10 - 17 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# ASHEI 3420754
Post Date 2016-04-25
- Establish local portfolio strategy and continuously update the portfolio
- Define local (want-to-have) portfolio based on local and global portfolio strategy, and communicate those to HQ for project approvals
- Respond to global requests concerning development portfolio (interest, forecasts, assumptions, priorities)
- Share best practices and inspiring examples from group companies, and inspire project ideas in Japan
- Coordinate Strategic planning regarding market and Sandoz development in terms of sales, market share, portfolio transformation and market dynamics.
- Development, analysis and interpretation of market data, and dissemination of findings to marketing teams.
- Project development and feasibility analysis in business opportunities, license deals, coop projects.
Major Accountabilities
- Develop portfolio strategy according to therapeutic area analysis and define long term pipeline accordingly
- Value-based assessment of potential candidates for the local pipeline and in-market portfolio (including development of product forecasts and assumptions) in close collaboration with Marketing
- Long-term view on market and product trends
- Identification of portfolio opportunities (short-/medium-/long-term)
- Perform local portfolio gap analysis
- Generation of new product candidates including creative and innovative ideas (esp. lead countries)
- Coordinate new product submission list between global and local teams
- Liaison with Commercial Operations (esp. Regional Portfolio Manager) and Product Development (esp. BD&L, Reg. Aff., Launch Mgt)


Category MR / Sales Management
Salary 5 - 7 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# ASHEI 2845150
Post Date 2016-04-24
* 製薬企業マーケティング関係者などへの営業
* クライアントの課題やニーズを把握するためのマーケットの情報収集
* 医師やクライアントに向けたコミュニケーションキャンペーンの企画提案および実施。
* 全てのメディア領域を統合したコニュニケーション戦略の実現


Category Regulatory Affairs
Salary 8 - 11 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# AKIMU 2979654
Post Date 2016-04-24
1. GVPメンバーの開発育成(該当する職務記述書および教育カリキュラムに基づく適切なトレーニングプログラムの提供)
2. OJTでのGVPメンバーのコーチング、開発育成
3. PMS部の年間目標に沿ったチーム目標を作成し、期日内で達成する
4. GVPに基づく世界各国からの安全性情報を収集・評価し、PMDAへ報告
5. 同社製品の安全性対策を計画し実行する
6. 副作用報告に関する安全性定期報告、再審査申請書資料作成
7. 添付文書(使用上の注意の改訂)などの安全性情報の伝達
Business Development Manager-Institutional Sales

Responsible for Government business through tendering process

Category Sales / Sales Management
Salary 600,000 - 1,100,000 INR
Work Type Permanent
Location North India
Post Date 2016-04-24
1. Meeting doctors for increasing prescriptions.
2. Meeting the committee of doctors who influence the product selection in institutions.

3. Responsible for tracking tenders in various institutions.

4. Responsible for submission of on time and competitively priced tenders.

5. Co-ordination with the purchase department and stores.

6. Networking with the drug department.

7.Co-ordination with finance department for approvals and EMDs.
ポートフォリオマネジメント Manager


Category Business Development / Licensing
Salary 9 - 13 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# TIWAO 4640761
Post Date 2016-04-24
Administrator (RA)


Category Business Development / Licensing
Salary 6 - 8 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MNUTT 4406374
Post Date 2016-04-21


Category Business Development / Licensing
Salary 6 - 8 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# YKOZA 3764706
Post Date 2016-04-17
Manager Exports

Shruti Garg

Category Marketing
Salary 1,100,000 - 2,000,000 INR
Work Type Permanent
Location South India
Ref.# SHGAR phamannisshr01
Post Date 2016-04-16
Would be responsible for promoting and expanding Animal Healthcare business in CIS countries