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Executive Assistant to CEO in Advertising Industry

EA for CEO wanted

Category Executive Assistant / PA
Salary 6 - 7.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# SHOLT 4513671
Post Date 2016-04-14
- Full cycle EA duties including travel arrangements, meeting arrangements, expenses control
- Interpreting/translating during meetings
- Preparing emails for global side and internal, other business documents preparation
- Scheduling business trips
- Attending to visitors from global
Tuyển Gấp: Phiên Dịch Tiếng Nhật (nội thành HN)

Một cơ hội công việc rất thú vị.

Category Translator / Interpreter
Salary 700 - 1,200 USD
Work Type Permanent
Location Ha Noi
Ref.# PBUI 468902568
Post Date 2016-04-28
· Biên dịch các tài liệu từ tiếng Nhật sang tiếng Việt và ngược lại, từ tiếng Nhật sang tiếng Anh và ngược lại;
· Hỗ trợ các thành viên khác trong việc dịch và hiểu về ngôn ngữ và các tài liệu về game;
· Phiên dịch khi có yêu cầu từ cán bộ quản lý;
· Làm thông ngôn trong các cuộc gặp mặt trực tiếp giữa khách hàng nói tiếng Việt, tiếng Anh và tiếng Nhật hoặc làm cầu nối qua email, chat khi có yêu cầu;
· Hỗ trợ vận hành thành công các tựa game;
· Thực hiện các công việc khác theo sự phân công của Trưởng Dự án và Hội đồng Thành viên.


Category Translator / Interpreter
Salary 4 - 4 M¥
Work Type Contract
Location Central Japan
Ref.# AIMAI 3994012
Post Date 2016-04-27
Interpreter/translator position

Interpreter/translator position in Advertising

Category Translator / Interpreter
Salary 5 - 7 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# SHOLT 4513674
Post Date 2016-04-25
- Interpreting at client meetings, internal meetings ENG-JPN, JPN-ENG
- Document translation with creative capability
- Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
Korean Interpreter


Category Translator / Interpreter
Salary 1,000 - 1,500 USD
Work Type Permanent
Location Ho Chi Minh
Ref.# MHUYNH 114080
Post Date 2016-04-23
TPM experience prefered
Tuyển Gấp: Phiên Dịch Tiếng Hàn ($800-$1200)

A very interesting opportunity.

Category Translator / Interpreter
Salary 800 - 1,200 USD
Work Type Permanent
Location Vietnam: Other Areas
Ref.# PBUI 90000000000
Post Date 2016-04-22
- Phiên dịch tiếng Hàn cho quản lí người Hàn Quốc.
- Chi tiết công việc sẽ trao đổi khi phỏng vấn.


Category Translator / Interpreter
Salary 3 - 5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Kansai
Ref.# NTA 4048526
Post Date 2016-04-19
ストアオペレーション部 アシスタント

South of France at work!

Category Sales Support
Salary 3.5 - 5 M¥
Work Type Temporary
Location Tokyo
Ref.# SBENN 4134638
Post Date 2016-04-16






Client Service

Looking for English native speaker

Category Middle Office / Product Control
Salary 8 - 12 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MHASH 4523130
Post Date 2016-04-15
*Prepare client reporting; writing/translating/editing content and collating reports to ensure client expectations and requirements are met in accordance with Investment Management Agreements, Service Level Agreements and delivery deadlines. This includes preparation of both client and internal reports, investment review presentations and other client communications
*Work closely with the Sales teams (in Japan or international offices) and other front and middle/back office departments on client related matters, act as a point of contact for internal/external client related queries
*Prepare materials for client meetings, including but not limited to portfolio review presentations, and make other meeting arrangements on as needed basis. Selectively attend client meetings, as required
*Coordinate the client on-boarding process, including new account openings, renewals of / changes in investment management agreements and operational processes as well as account closures
*Coordinate account capital injections and withdrawals
*Ensure departmental procedures are fully documented and relevant manuals kept up to date
*Assist in the development of the client servicing function, generate ideas and implement new procedures where appropriate, to ensure excellence in the function
*Participate or take leadership in ad-hoc projects required to service the existing international business
Urgent - Interpreter ( Simultaneous Interpretation )

An excellent job opportunity

Category Translator / Interpreter
Salary 1,500 - 2,000 USD
Work Type Permanent
Location Ho Chi Minh
Ref.# LBUI 2343253465
Post Date 2016-04-15
- Conduct simultaneous interpretation during meetings, workshops, interviews, market research, and other interpersonal interaction contexts;
- Edit translation deliverable from the in-house translation team and outsourced vendors;
- Working with partners from other countries during their working time in Vietnam;
- Contribute proactively to continuously improve the translation and editing team;
- Provides appropriate documentation and reports for services;
- Assists with office work related to interpretation or translation assignments as requested.