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Category Treasury / Credit / Risk
Salary 5 - 8 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Kansai
Ref.# CHYAM 4642170
Post Date 2016-07-22
Treasury Manager

Great chance to work for growing company

Category Treasury / Credit / Risk
Salary 7 - 12 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MSUGA 4187455
Post Date 2016-07-21
- Cash management
- Contacts with banks and rating agencies
- Other treasury roles
- Management of team
Sr Manager Treasury

Treasury Front office

Category Treasury / Credit / Risk
Salary 1,000,000 - 1,800,000 INR
Work Type Permanent
Location West India
Ref.# TAROR BFSIIndia03
Post Date 2016-07-20
Key Function: Raising Funds from Banks / MFs / Insurance / Corporates / FIIs / Others - balancing interest cost and liquidity. Details as under:
Liquidity and Cost Management
• Raising of Funds by issuance of various instruments / securities
• Interest cost management
• Use of simple Derivatives (OIS / Fwds) for managing / hedging funding cost (currently used only from time to time)
• Relationship Management with various Lenders
• Relationship Management with Rating Agencies

Balance Sheet Management
• Raising of funds through Securitisation / Assignment
• Tier II capital

Market Risk Management
• Asset Liability Management (ALM)
• Managing balance sheet risk – by use of approved derivatives instruments (currently used only from time to time)
Finance Mgr. / Finance Director - India

Manages the financial reporting and analyses for a moderate sized business unit

Category Treasury / Credit / Risk
Salary 2,500,000 - 5,000,000 INR
Work Type Permanent
Location South India
Ref.# PRGOY AutSarPre009
Post Date 2016-07-20
Manages the financial and operational reporting and analyses for a moderate business unit that includes significant international or multi-discipline operations.
Responsibilities may include serving as an advisor to senior management, providing leadership in a variety of compliance, fiscal and statutory financial areas, and ensuring financial reports are accurate and developed within company policies.

Develops appropriate policies and procedures to ensure compliance with financial management principles and practices and applicable laws, rules, and regulations;

monitors compliance with these areas.

The candidate will apply and adhere to SOX and COSO control environment and be responsible for ensuring that this environment is adhered to across India and not simply the finance function.

In this the candidate will demonstrate independence from the local management team but at the same time supporting the local team to be compliant.

Supports the Business Senior Finance Managers (three divisons) in responding to questions and concerns from senior management regarding a variety of financial operations and results:

performs research, and provides recommendations or opinions.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Category Treasury / Credit / Risk
Salary 5 - 10 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Central Japan
Ref.# RKATO 4341225
Post Date 2016-07-17
Quantitative Analyst

An excellent job opportunity

Category Systems
Salary 2,000 - 3,000 USD
Work Type Permanent
Location Ha Noi
Ref.# TNGUYEN2 234235425
Post Date 2016-07-16
- Conducting quantitative finance research with a focus on statistical and predictive models to forecast market trends
- Successful researchers manage all aspects of the research process including methodology selection, data collection and analysis, testing, prototyping, back testing, and performance monitoring
Accounting Manager

Join a growing global company

Category General Accounting (Manager)
Salary 9 - 12 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# ASCHU 3410409
Post Date 2016-07-15
1. Responsible for transmission monthly/quarterly/annual financial results to Headquarters.
2. Establish lines of management and communication with shared business service
3. Establish appropriate and documented financial, fiscal and/or statutory reserves and accruals in compliance with US GAAP and Japanese Accounting Standards.
4. Keep current with all issues and changes relative to US Accounting rules and Japanese
accounting rules (through the external auditors and other major channels).
5. Manage and maintain the customer credit control.
6. Update the accounting and finance policy in align with the corporate policy and train all
employees to follow the rules.
7. Work together with the compliance steward and keep the company in compliance with the
required regulations and policies
8. Work closely with the company upper management in exploring opportunities to increase the
efficiency and profitability of the business.
9. Deal with the external audit for the financial statements.
10. Prepare for the local tax filing


Category Treasury / Credit / Risk
Salary 5 - 8 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MESUG 4603651
Post Date 2016-07-12
- 金融機関(銀行・証券会社)に対する窓口担当
- グローバル資金管理の企画・立案  (CMS導入を含めた資金効率化検討)
- 全社資金繰り管理、子会社の運用状況モニタリング
- グローバル為替リスク管理の企画・立案  (リスクポジションに対するヘッジ戦略検討)
- 為替先物予約の締結- 金融資産・負債の管理、決算対応
- 資金調達・運用の検討、取引実行
Accounting and Tax Leader

Want to join a dynamic team to set up a brand new operations in the North of Vietnam?

Category General Accounting (Manager)
Salary 1,800 - 2,200 USD
Work Type Permanent
Location Ha Noi
Ref.# HDANG 1130351
Post Date 2016-07-11
- Manage all accounting and tax functions
- Dealing with authorities and other departments within the company
- Leader of a team of 3 - 4 subordinates
Basel 2 PMO (also open for expat)

Excellent job opportunity.

Category Back Office / Operations
Salary 3,500 - 8,000 USD
Work Type Permanent
Location Ha Noi
Ref.# LBUI 22889
Post Date 2016-07-11
• Active management of human resources allocated to the project
• Tracking status of project deliverables and milestones
• Provide regular project status updates
• Ensuring project plans and project documentation are complete and up-to-date
• Tracking financials of the project
• Supporting the adoption of the project lifecycle and deliverables (sprint master)
• Project level risk and issue co-ordination
• Monitoring the status of projects transitioning into normal service
• Coordination of the regular project and project level reporting cycles
• Deep dive into data sources and data availability
• Contributing to Quality Reviews
• Help acquire the necessary resources and skills
• Communication with IT, Finance and other bank’s departments


Category Treasury / Credit / Risk
Salary 8 - 9 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MESUG 3802858
Post Date 2016-07-09