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“One World Connected”-  en world Japan team connects for World Suicide Prevention Day


8 en world staff gathered on September 10, 2014 at 6:30pm to take part in the first Annual TELL Suicide Awareness Talkie Walkie to mark World Suicide Prevention Day and raise money for the TELL Lifeline and education programs as well as raise awareness about suicide and depression in Japan.

The en world team with the TELL Walkie Talkie bags before the walk

The en world team with the TELL Walkie Talkie bags before the walk

Why did we walk together?


  • Suicide claims 27,000 lives a year in Japan, roughly 70 people taking their own lives every day affecting loved ones, family,friends and the community.
  • Globally the elderly represents the age group most effected but suicide is also the leading cause of death in Japan for those aged 15-34.
  • Stigma around the topic of suicide keeps people from openly talking about their thoughts and from seeking help.
  • 90% of people who die by suicide have an existing mental illness or substance abuse problem at the time of their death..
  • Walking and talking gives people an opportunity to connect without direct eye contact which can help people discussing difficult subjects.

“I got involved with organizing the walk because the situation regarding suicide and depression is very serious in Japan and I felt that I could raise awareness in my network by donating my time and energy,” commented volunteer Etsumi Sugeno. Fellow volunteer Luke Palfreeman added, “When I first came to Japan I struggled with the cultural differences and whilst I got a lot of support from my friends it was great to know that TELL was there just a phone call away to support people like me.”

After receiving their TELL Tote Bags the team set off on a walk around Ginza in the light drizzle. After returning from the walk we discussed the impact of suicide on our lives and of society in general.

Collecting signatures and raising awareness for suicide prevention

“We wish to thank en world for being a part of World Suicide Prevention Day and helping TELL to fight against this illness and encourage the community to learn the warnings signs and support others in need. All the efforts and connections are important and if everyone goes away and helps us to fight stigma and knows how to save one life it makes a difference,” said Vickie Skorji, Executive Officer & Director of TELL Lifeline.
If you are feeling suicidal, please reach out and call TELL on 03-5774-0992.
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