Challenges facing local managers in multinational companies operating in Japan

June 30, 2015

Tokyo, June 30th, 2015— en world group, an international recruiting agency, focusing on managerial and senior-level talent, has released the survey result on “Challenges in hiring and retaining talent in multinational companies in Japan”. The survey was conducted in May 2015 with en world Japan’s current clients who are high-level managers in multinational companies operating in Japan.

Creativity, adaptability and leadership seem to be Japanese managers’ biggest disadvantages.

In today’s business world, the only constant is change; employees’ innovation and flexibility will contribute enormously to the development of a business. When asked about the 3 skills that MNCs want their Japanese managers to have, 63% of the employers under study chose adaptability to changes. Creativity is the second most sought after skill with 57% and the third is willingness to take responsibility with 33%.

The survey reveals that communications (57%), leadership (51%) and problem-solving (47%) are the three skills that Japanese managers are most required to have by MNCs. Regarding the skills of newly hired managers in the last 12 months, communications and problem-solving were top of the list of Japanese managers’ satisfactory skills chosen by 69% and 56% of participants respectively. Leadership is last on the list with 42%.

A strong employer brand plays an increasingly important role

Multinational employers did not choose offering more salary to be the best way to attract and retain Japanese mid-level employees. 66% of the employers said it was a clear career path that magnetized these personnel. Salary holds the second position with 55%. An emerging factor in attracting and retaining talent is employer brand. “Employer branding is among the increasing trends in recruitment 2015 for it significantly affects turnover rates of businesses. For that reason, enterprises are paying special attention to this issue”, shared Craig Saphin, the President of en world K.K.

The survey data demonstrates the increasingly important role of Recruitment Agency recruitment processes of MNCs. 89% of the respondents see this as the best recruiting channel. Employee referrals accounts for 75% and internal recruitment for 54%. In the meanwhile, social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are leveraged by only 31% of the employers. This may confirm the previous research results which showed that Japanese use social networks the least in Asia. Besides the above findings, the survey also offers interesting information. 61% of MNCs in Japan present satisfaction with language skills (English) of Japanese managers, which up to now has been regarded as their weaknesses. However, there are still 52% said they would continue to provide foreign language trainings to staff. A higher rate of 60% said they would train their mid-level personnel on management skills.

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