en world Launches Business in Thailand

December 4, 2013

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APAC specialist recruiters placing leaders in Thailand’s Leading Companies

BANGKOK, Dec. 4, 2013 — The en world group (President: Craig Saphin), a recruiting agency serving mid-career professionals in six countries with 10 offices in the Asia-Pacific region, announced that Top Talent Asia, an executive search firm based in Thailand, has officially joined en world group.

This alignment brings many benefits for both employers and candidates in Thailand. Employers will receive en world group’s impeccable service and product quality seamlessly across all their Asia Pacific operations, and profit from the knowledge and experience that comes with 12,000 successful placements with 3,000 clients. This is important because, for multinational companies that operate businesses in Thailand, securing excellent talent is an urgent matter. From the candidates’ point of view, they now are able to use en world’s APAC networks to compare job opportunities across the region and not just Thailand, enhancing their career potential significantly.

Top Talent Asia, established in Bangkok in 2003, has a similar business model to that of en world, specializing in helping mid-career professionals make career moves into multinational companies. By joining the en world group, Top Talent Asia will expand on its existing strengths to encompass multinational companies. In addition, it will allow them to offer services to Japan-affiliated global companies by working with other en world offices that support recruiting projects in the Asia Pacific.

“Thailand, infrastructure is well in place. In fact, direct investment from overseas approximately doubled in 2012 compared with 2011. However, we anticipate even more investment from global companies in the future, thanks to unemployment that is low by global standards, and solid GDP growth.” Craig Saphin, President of en world group, said, “We also expect that the country will continue its transition from a labor-dependent economy that relies on a low cost workforce, to one based on knowledge and technology. Based on this situation, we believe that demand for mid- and high-level professionals will increase further.”

Carl Denny, Founder of Top Talent Asia, said, “We have grown our business for many years based on our strength in introducing mid- and high-level personnel to multinational companies. By joining en world, we will build on these successes and further expand services for more companies, including Japan-affiliated businesses.”

About en world

en world is an international recruiting agency, focusing on managerial and senior-level career solutions. en world was established in Japan in 1999 and has expanded to Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and Vietnam. With 270 staff representing 15 nationalities in 10 offices, we are supporting over 12,000 placements with 2,400 clients across the Asia Pacific Region. en world is a subsidiary of en-japan inc, Japan’s leading internet-based recruitment solutions provider.

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