Vietnam’s leading recruitment service provider has joined en world group

July 11, 2013

In this interview with us, Navigos Search’s Managing Director Nguyen Thi Van Anh talks about the current hiring situation in Vietnam.


Q: Vietnam now has a population of over 88 million, the 13th largest in the world, and their average age is as young as 24-25. This, we believe, makes the country a very attractive market. With this strength behind it, Vietnam continues to enjoy stable growth. What is the current status of the job search market in the country?

A: Vietnam has had, and is forecast to have, one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world. This is driven by a range of factors – access to natural resources; young, favorable demographics; government policies which have been directed toward market reforms; and a quickened pace in the urbanization of its population.

In addition to the underlying strong economic outlook for Vietnam, the recruitment industry itself expects even stronger growth as the market develops. To date, the majority companies using search and selection are to MNCs and sizable local organisations who understand the value add that a search and selection service provides.

As this understanding of value add develops and spreads to the other layers of the economy companies of all shapes and sizes will become more sophisticated in how they attract and retain talent and the competion for the best and most qualified professionals will heighten.


Q: Please tell us about the current hiring situation in Vietnam. What jobs, age groups, and skills are in high demand? And what jobs, age groups, and skills do you expect will be in demand in future?

A: We focus on providing middle management talents and above to our clients who are mostly MNCs in Vietnam. The hiring demands in this area has been always high over the past years and I expect this trend to continue. The jobs that we have been successfully place are; Department Directors/Managers/Heads; Supervisors; Senior Staff; We also placed C-level vacancies like CEO, CFO and COO. The candidates that we place for our clients usually have from 4 to 15 years of working experience, aged from late 20s to 40s.

Some industries have been solidly growing in Vietnam over the years like FMCG, Retail and we expect this trend to continue. Manufacturing is stably strong and we expect to see this to grow as well, especially Vietnam continues to attract foreign direct investment from countries like Japan.


Q: What is the usual way of hiring people in Vietnam? What is the benefit of recruitment services for companies that use them at all?

A: Recruitment Industry is still new in Vietnam and has lots of potentials. It is evolving quickly. For example: 10 years ago when our company launched, a job portal, we offered service to our clients and people hardly believed in it.

At that time, people still used traditional way like newspaper advertising, referrals.

Nowadays, internet takes over and companies move from print to on-line. In Vietnam, it is believed that for junior jobs or mass recruitments, companies will use job portals. For senior roles like managers, directors, department heads etc. companies will use executive search firms like Navigos Search as there is limited pool of highly qualified candidates in this segment and the clients’ hiring demands need to be handled differently – that is when we come in and assist.

When the clients use our service, our consultants become their partners and their employment brand ambassadors. We do all the screening to make sure we introduce only suitable and potential candidates to the clients. This saves them time! And they can focus in growing their business. Not only that, when we are able to hire the right talents to our clients who help them secure/grow their businesses, the value from our service is huge.


Q: What requires special attention in hiring people in Vietnam?

A: Hiring is the same in every country and it is important to do all the right things to avoid making hiring mistakes, which are very costly and disruptive.

When hiring in Vietnam, companies should work with recruitment firms who know Vietnam well. Why? For example: when we conduct references etc. we know which universities are good ones in Vietnam; we know which companies are in Vietnam and have good reputations and why. We know these things by facts not that reading the papers or the websites.

Another note is that Vietnamese people are less mobile than the people in some neighboring countries. For example: you will hardly attract Southerners to relocate and work in the North. Local Vietnamese tend to be rather family oriented; for example spouses always have a strong say in job and moving decisions.

Companies also need to work with a reliable recruitment partner who can provide them with guidance on labor contract etc. as our labor code sometimes has different interpretations which might be confusing.


Q.Finally, do you have any advice you could give to companies considering hiring people?

A: You know that working population in Vietnam is young. That is an advantage of Vietnam. That also means, however, that local candidates highly appreciate and value opportunities for learning and development. Companies can use training and development opportunity as one of their value propositions while attracting and retaining talents. Do not just “buy” talents but companies should “build” talents.


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