Wall Street Associates Staff and Customers Donate Over 130 Hygiene Kits to Tohoku

May 17, 2011

As a follow up to our March efforts with the WSA Truck for Tohoku, Wall Street Associates partnered with HOPE International Development Agency Japan (HOPE-JP) and collected 133 Individual Hygiene Kits (or cash donation equivalent)

We collected the kits at our offices based in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kansai and Nagoya from staff and customers.
The hygiene kits were delivered directly to the HOPE-JP warehouse in Fukushima. From there, items were delivered directly to those most in need in the Tohoku area. HOPE-JP is committed to delivering quickly to those neglected in the region.

Thank you very much for your continued generosity and support for the survivors in Tohoku.

Future Volunteer Teams

Going forwards Wall Street Associcates will be working with HOPE-JP on sending up work teams of volunteers. HOPE-JP is committed to being in the region in the long-term and we anticipate the need for volunteers over a long period of time. We are especially interested in people who have skills in certain areas, (i.e., carpentry, entertainment, skills in therapeutic fields, etc.).