Wall Street Associates – Truck for Tohoku

March 30, 2011

On Sunday, March 27th, 2011, Wall Street Associates K.K., a mid to executive level recruitment company headquartered in Tokyo, was able to deliver a large consignment of water, food and basic medical supplies through donations from staff and customers across Japan. Our van met with 2 trucks leaving Costco in Saitama to drive to HOPE International’s Depot in Fukushima.


Over 25 individual customers and organisations as well as Wall Street Associates employees donated essential supplies and cash in less than 3 business days. Donors included Tomoko Iwasaki, Miyuki Yamaguchi, TARGIS K.K., native creative Y.K., and Herman Miller Japan.

15 Wall Street Associates Staff volunteered to assist with packing, loading and driving the van.

We collected 7 boxes water, 12 boxes food and snacks, 3 boxes of medical supplies, 4 boxes of baby goods, 7 boxes of sanitary towels, 1 box of batteries radios, 4 boxes of wet tissue, 2 boxes of Hokkairo, 2 boxes of masks, 1 folding bike, 1 blanket, 1 box of clothes, 1 box of towels, and over 50,000JPY in cash donations.


See the full release and images here


HOPE International is still accepting donations – find out more here

**If you are a citizen of US or Canada, or possess a credit card from these countries, you may be eligible for a tax refund. Please go to this page to donate online.
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Add  the following to the Additional Information, Comments at the bottom of the form  – Donate to TOHOKU EARTHQUAKE SURVIVORS.


In Japan – To donate funds…

Bank Transfer

Aichi Bank
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Account Number:2003087
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(HOPE International Kaihatsu Kikou)

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Account Number: 00880-3-18474
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(HOPE International Kaihatsu Kikou)
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Making a Donation by Credit Card

To make a donation by credit card please download and fill out the form below and fax it to the HOPE-JP office ( 052-204-0531 ).
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