Rails Engineer (Ruby) at a Renowed Educational Provider

勤務地 東京都
雇用形態 契約
給与 ¥5000000 - ¥10000000.00 per annum
専門 テクノロジー・デジタル・通信,
職種 プログラマー,
お問合せ Samuel Orme
JOB ID JO-2209-474343

**Ruby Engineer for an International Education Provider's Digital Platform** (Contract and Permanent Positions available - dependent on language skills)

Specifically, you will be responsible for the following tasks

  • New development and continuous improvement of assigned product functions
  • Scrum development process improvement and efforts to improve flow efficiency
  • Code review for team members
  • Long-term architecture review and construction promotion with business strategy in mind
  • Continuous activities for eliminating technical debt and policy formulation

Work Hours: Flextime, no set hours
(employees have flexible working hours and are allowed remote work)

<<Example of schedule>>

09:30-10:00 Check Slack and email

10:00-12:00 Work (check dashboard, create backlog items, etc.)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:00 Meeting with team members (explanation of backlog items, discussion, etc.)

14:00-16:00 Meeting with stakeholders (discuss long-term strategy, etc.)

16:00-16:30 Meeting with team members (sharing progress, issues, etc.)

16:30-18:00 Work (user interviews, organizing tasks for the next day, etc.)

The product/area to be assigned will be determined based on the product status and the candidate's intentions and strengths.

Currently, the following are some of the areas we are focusing onfor our unlimited learning:

  • Products for students
  • Products for administrators
  • Business Products for students
  • Business Products for administrators
  • Common infrastructure products (settlement, marketing, data analysis, etc.)

Development Environment

Language/Framework: Ruby, Rails, React, TypeScript, GraphQL

  • Testing: RSpec
  • Infrastructure: AWS, GCP, Docker
  • CI: CircleCI
  • Communication: Slack, Zoom
  • Documentation: Notion, G suite

Why work here?

  • Proactive involvement in the creation and growth of the product organization
  • The foundation for product development through the verification-improvement cycle is in place, and we are in the phase of developing this foundation.
  • To be involved in the expansion into overseas markets.
  • The ability to take on the challenge of developing products in the "working person's learning" area, which still has many unexplored areas and a large potential for growth.
  • We have a user community, so we have many opportunities to listen to the voices of our users.
  • The company provides generous support for self-development, and you can actively participate in conferences and events both in Japan and overseas.
  • Diversity in terms of nationality and background


  • JLPT N3 or equivalent *An internal test can act as a substitute: Perfect Japanese is not required if you are interested in improving
  • Experience in developing web applications using MVC framework.
  • Experience with code review using pull requests.
  • Experience with agile development.
  • Self-motivated and able to learn and master technologies.
  • Ability to communicate proactively with team members


  • Have the ability to proactively identify and solve problems.
  • Have designed architectures for integration between multiple systems.
  • Experience in data design using RDBMS and knowledge of indexing
  • Experience in development writing tests using testing frameworks
  • Experience in team building in a remote environment
  • English communication skills