IT Infrastructure Specialist/ IT インフラストラクチャースペシャリスト

勤務地 東京都
雇用形態 正社員
給与 Negotiable
職種 Internal Vacancies,
お問合せ Talent Acquisition Team 採用チーム
JOB ID JO-2012-452322


Role and Responsibilities

The IT Infrastructure Specialist is responsible to deliver IT services, that support end user computing and to contribute to IT projects within the company.


The IT Infrastructure Specialist is responsible to:

  • Deploy and administer IT systems, including computing servers, network equipment, voice and video hardware and mobile devices.

  • Propose, design, and implement IT solutions driven by business needs or in response to requests from other departments.

  • Evaluate products in terms of business needs to ensure that appropriate and relevant products are obtained while maintaining cost effectiveness and company efficiency.

  • Perform Level 2 and Level 3 incident resolution.

  • Interact with Service Fulfillment Analysts to track and prioritize incidents and tasks in the ticket queues.

  • Execute software installation and deployment to computing systems.

  • Execute asset change tasks and reflect such changes in appropriate databases.

  • Ensure security and policy compliance while performing technical tasks.

  • Participate in technical meetings.

  • Contribute updates to technical documentation, procedures and process definitions.

  • Perform emergency or periodically planned information systems administration tasks, maintenance/upgrades and configuration changes.

  • Ensure information systems / configuration are properly backed up.

  • Monitor IT systems, including computing servers, network equipment, voice and video hardware.

  • Conduct systems performance analysis and provide feedback to leads and colleagues.

  • Contribute to IT projects as needed and as coordinated by the assigned project manager.


The IT Infrastructure Specialist reports to the APAC IT Infrastructure Manager and receives functional guidance. The IT Infrastructure specialist frequently interacts with end users, Service Fulfillment Analysts, Technical Leads, IT Project Managers, and external service providers.

Some business travel may be required, as driven by business needs. Special project assignment, backfill requirements or rotations may require short-term assignments to other locations. Significant flexibility is expected to perform off-hours activities, both onsite and remotely.


  • Extensive IT technical support skills with superior knowledge of operating systems and software.

  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

  • Customer focused with strong customer service skills and the ability to apply sensitivity and discretion when required.

  • Capable of managing multiple tasks at once and meeting commitments; positive attitude even in stressful situations.

  • Dynamic and proactive attitude, flexibility.

  • High level of energy, enthusiasm and passion highly desirable.

  • Process oriented.

  • Business English and Japanese oral and written communication skills.

  • Strong sensitivity for cultural differences and significant global acumen.



  • At least three years’ hands-on experience in enterprise IT infrastructure support and service delivery.

  • Familiarity with Windows Servers, Azure, Cisco / Cisco Meraki Networking as well as IT Security is desired.

  • Familiarity with Server virtualization such as Windows Hyper-V is desired.

  • Familiarity with ITSM such as ITIL is desired.

  • Computing or engineering degree.

  • Professional technical certifications such as MCSA, MCSE, Azure Administrator Associate, CCNA, CCNP are highly desirable.

  • Previous experience working in a global IT team is highly desirable.


The Infrastructure Specialist is expected to select one or more areas of specialization. These will be used:

  • To tailor the professional development and skills development plans.

  • To assign the resolution of particularly complex problems to technicians with the area of specialization.

  • To create succession plans and career growth paths for other specialized technical roles in the IT organization





  • サーバー、ネットワーク機器、音声及びビデオハードウェア、モバイルデバイスなどのITシステムを展開また管理する

  • ビジネスニーズ、または他部門からの要求に応じて、ITソリューションの設計、提案、実装を行う

  • ビジネスニーズの観点からIT製品を評価し、費用対効果と企業効率を維持しながら適切な製品の選定を行う

  • レベル2、レベル3のインシデントの解決を行う

  • Service Fulfillmentアナリストと確認の上、ユーザーから来るリクエストの優先順位付け

  • ソフトウェアのインストール、コンピューティングシステムの展開を行う

  • IT機器管理情報の更新とデータベースへの反映

  • セキュリティ、コンプライアンスポリシーを理解・遵守し、業務を遂行する

  • 技術的なミーティングへの参加

  • 技術文書、手順、プロセスについて適宜更新を行う

  • 緊急または定期的に計画された情報システム管理タスク、メンテナンス、アップグレードおよび構成変更などを実施する

  • ITシステムやシステム構成の適切なバックアップを行う

  • サーバー、ネットワーク機器、音声及びビデオハードウェアを含むITシステムを監視する

  • システムのパフォーマンスを分析し、ITチームにフィードバックを提供する

  • 必要に応じ、プロジェクトに参加しプロジェクトマネージャーの元、計画・実施をサポートする






  • オペレーティングシステムとソフトウェアに関する知識と広範囲のITテクニカルサポートスキル

  • 優れたトラブルシューティング経験・スキル

  • カスタマーに対して柔軟かつ適切な対応ができること

  • 一度に複数の作業をこなす行動力と柔軟な対応、ストレス耐性が強い

  • プロアクティブな態度、柔軟性

  • 高いエネルギー量、熱意をもって取り組める姿勢

  • プロセス指向

  • ビジネスレベル以上の英語力・日本語力(スピーキング、ライティング、読解)

  • 文化の違い、グローバル環境で働くことへの受容性



  • ITインフラストラクチャーサポートとサービスデリバリーにおける少なくとも3年の経験

  • Windowサーバー、Azure、Cisco / Cisco Merakiネットワーク機器について知識がある方

  • Hyper-V等のサーバー仮想化技術について知識がある方

  • ITSM、ITILに関する知識がある

  • コンピューティングもしくはエンジニア学位(歓迎)

  • MCSA、MCSE、Azure Administrator Associate、CCNA、CCNP等の専門的な技術に関する資格保有(歓迎)

  • グローバルITチームでの業務経験あり(歓迎)