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5 件の求人
    • Osaka, Japan
    • ¥6000000.00 - ¥7000000.00 per annum
    • 掲載 16日 前

    [会社概要] 日系大手化粧品メーカー [仕事内容] ① 市場分析、顧客分析 売れ筋製品の探索、分析 市場構造確認調査(化粧品、美容サービスなど美と健康に関わる市場分析)など 定性調査(グループインタビュー、デプスインタビュー等)、定量調査(Web、郵送等) ② 経営陣、事業部への報告、提案・提言のプレゼン実施など ③ コミュニケーション先 <社内> 経営陣、事業部長、製品開発スタッフなど <社外> 調査会社、モニターなど 登録資格 ※調査分析は、事業部(製品開発)からの依頼で実施するケースが主ですが、事業可能性判断や新規事業探索につながる調査を当該部門主導で実施し、提案するケースもあります。 [応募資格] 求める人材のイメージ 調査分析に精通していること。当社の経営陣や事業部責任者、製品開発スタッフに対し、単なる結果報告ではなく、調査結果を踏まえた提言・提案ができる人材。 <必須条件> ・メーカー※での調査設計・分析の実務経験が3年以上 ※できれば化粧品、消費財(日用品、食品など)...

    • Tokyo, Japan
    • ¥6000000.00 - ¥10000000.00 per annum
    • 掲載 18日 前

    [Company Summary] Global Luxury Alcohol Brand [Responsibilities] Project Management Work with internal stakeholder and external agency to manage various digital projects such as; Data Portal Management (On Google Data Studio) Digital metrics data source management eBusiness development Agency relation management Work with Head of Digital to create documentation to address digital strategy to different stakeholders. Work with external agency an...

    • Tokyo, Japan
    • ¥8000000.00 - ¥10000000.00 per annum
    • 掲載 24日 前

    [Company Description] Global Government Organization [Responsibilities] Challenge and contribute to the development of business strategies of companies (our customers) to grow into international markets. This requires an understanding of customer value propositions, business models and the capabilities required to be successful operating in the market. Work with our customers to develop and deliver Organization 'game plans' in conjunction with...

    • Osaka, Japan
    • ¥9000000.00 - ¥12000000.00 per annum
    • 掲載 約1ヶ月 前

    [事業内容・会社の特徴] 外資系大手雑貨メーカー [仕事内容] Recommends edits to the clear, differentiated, global brand positioning, and revisions to the consumer target consistent with the global positioning. Drives key brand, category or portfolio category initiatives that effectively reach and connect with target consumers. Innovation: Provides new thinking around brand or category innovation unlocking true white space or new to the world innovation. Executes new mean...

    • Tokyo, Japan
    • ¥7000000.00 - ¥11000000.00 per annum
    • 掲載 3ヶ月 前

    [Company Description] Global Research Company [Responsibilities] In client management, you will develop strong relationships with clients, deliver effective advice and consultancy through the application of advanced knowledge on the solutions and by using a strategic view of clients' business to effectively communicate client expectations and strategy to the team. This also involves having the ability to understand the needs of the clients and...


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