検索結果 - フロントオフィス

    • Tokyo, Japan
    • ¥6000000.00 - ¥11000000.00 per annum
    • 掲載 28日 前

    [Company Description] Global Asset Management Firm [Responsibilities] Produce daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly reports for the clients accurately and timely Respond to ad-hoc requests and inquiries from internal/external clients Maintain strong working relationship with key stakeholders to ensure production work flow is smooth and production requests are handled timely Participate in issue investigation and research, and escalate issues to ensur...

    • Tokyo, Japan
    • ¥6000000.00 - ¥8400000.00 per annum + OTE
    • 掲載 3ヶ月 前

    [事業内容・会社の特徴] 外資系テクノロジー会社 日本オフィスには現在40名程度。 外国人が多く在籍し国際的な雰囲気を持ち、欧州文化ですのでワークライフバランスの保てる会社となります。 [募集背景] この度、海外オフィスへ転勤予定の者が出ましたので、その後任としての募集 数学/物理あるいはクォンツ業務に関心がおありで、ITにも抵抗がない方は是非ご応募ください。 [仕事内容] 当社システムの、客先実装。フロントオフィス・ミドルオフィス(リスク管理・規制対応)・会計各機能のうち一分野を担当するサブチームに配属。顧客のビジネスニーズを収集し、コンフィギュレーション及びテストを行う。 システム導入後のテクニカルサポート(オンサイト業務はありません。レベル2以上のサポートを行います。) 当社システムの機能について、パートナーや顧客IT部門へのトレーニング プリセールス活動補助(資料作成、デモ・プレゼン補助) [応募資格] 必須要件 新卒の場合は、金融工学、コンピュータサイエンス、数学等の専攻...

    • Tokyo, Japan
    • ¥4600000.00 - ¥6000000.00 per annum
    • 掲載 5ヶ月 前

    [Company Description] Online Trading Platform Provider [Job Title] Customer Service Representative [Company Summary] Global company providing online trading platform for FX, Options, Derivatives and other financial products. [Responsibilities] Provide excellent trade execution, account management and customer service to the client base Handle clients' queries by phone, emails Process clients' deposit and withdraw with Finance team Create and s...

    • Tokyo, Japan
    • ¥12000000 - ¥18000000 per annum
    • 掲載 6ヶ月 前

    [Company Description] Global Asset management company with over USD 2 Trillion in AUM. They provide a wide variety of high class investment advisory, strategy and management services to major global clients. [Job Title] Client Portfolio Manager [Position Summary] Promote investment products and insights to external Institutional clients in Japan. Work closely with International and local Portfolio Managers to promote fund strategies to a major...

    • Tokyo, Japan
    • ¥7000000.00 - ¥9000000.00 per annum
    • 掲載 6ヶ月 前

    [Company Description] Global Financial Vendor [Company Summary] Top Tier Global financial vendor providing, news, business information and research to financial and non-financial firms alike. [Position Summary] Develop new and grow existing business for corporate & financial products, and solutions. [Responsibilities] Promote the company's products to new and existing institutional clients within Japan. Prospect, develop and close-out new sale...

    • Tokyo, Japan
    • ¥6000000.00 - ¥9000000.00 per annum
    • 掲載 6ヶ月 前

    [Company Description] Global Financial Solutions Provider [Company Summary] Provides a variety of top-notch post-trade solutions to premier clients within the financial services industry. Solutions include automation, standardization and centralization of financial transactions and other risk mitigation tools to enhance operational processes. [Position Summary] Be responsible for direct sales within the Buy-Side and Sell-Side for the Japan reg...


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