Network and Systems Engineer for a Multinational Insurance Firm

職業: Network and Systems Engineer/ネットワークシステムエンジニア

職場: 東京都 新宿区

雇用形態: 派遣

時給: 経験により(交渉可能)













・ネットワークに関する基礎的な知識 ※CCNA等の知識があれば尚可

・ITIL Foundation相当の知識


【Nice to Have要件】





Job Description

Operation and management of network systems

Matters related to the operation and management of the network system

Establishing, revising and abolishing network system operation and management rules

Risk assessment and implementation of measures for network system operation

Matters related to network system resource planning


[Must Have requirements]

-Vendor management experience (at least 2 companies)

-Experience in corporate network operation and management

-Experience with layout changes

-Basic knowledge of network * Knowledge of CCNA is a plus

-Knowledge of ITIL Foundation or equivalent

-Ability to communicate smoothly with users.

[Nice to Have Requirement]

-Reading and writing in English

-Experience in operating public cloud networks such as Azure/AWS

-Knowledge of PCIDSSv3 or equivalent

-Knowledge of finance equivalent to 3rd level bookkeeping