Supply Chain Account Manager - Audio Equipment Manufacturer

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Job Type: 正社員
Salary ¥9000000.00 - ¥10000000.00 per annum
Specialization: サプライチェーン、購買、物流
Sub-specialization サプライチェーンマネジメント
お問合せ Daniel Munoz
参照 JO-1907-422081
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[Company Summary]
Global Audio Equipment Manufacturer

The main responsibility of the Supply Chain (Account) Manager is to maximize the availability of products at the reseller point of sale and minimize the cost-to-serve. (S)he optimizes the logistics process flows of product, cash, and information from forecast to the point-of-purchase to increase revenue and/or lower total supply chain costs. The role covers finished goods, parts and repair logistics, as well as returns and return logistics. S/he aligns the Reseller and company supply chain capabilities and requirements and identifies joint opportunities to improve service levels and reduce costs. The supply chain manager has a deep understanding of the shared value chain and is responsible for identifying innovation opportunities for how both companies work together and grow the business and make it more profitable. The supply chain manager improves Reseller reliability, responsiveness, decision-making speed and innovation and is a full member of the dedicated Account Management Team which is lead by the company account manager (Customer Team Lead)

Our expectations of customer teams are to expand the company's influence within the Reseller to build revenue growth efficiently.
Reports to: Functional Lead / Market Supply Chain Leader
Reports dotted line to: Reseller Team Lead

<Internal work>

  • Increases net revenue through value chain optimization.
  • Enables sales team leader to leverage supply chain improvements commercially.
  • Serves as the subject matter expert for the Reseller supply chain, influencing business decisions and practices that deliver optimal business results across the joint supply chain.
  • Influences customer supply chain business decisions and practices that deliver optimal profitability.
  • Ensures all Reseller demand is accurately forecasted to support the Reseller service levels and event/promotion activity.
  • Ensures that our transportation processes are aligned with customer shipment expectations.
  • Owns execution reliability improvement (on-time, fill rate, on shelf availability, deductions and returns).

<Our Reseller team work>

  • Acts as the subject matter expert on all supply chain elements for the customer team.
  • Establishes jointly aligned goals and objectives with the customer, including managing reporting and leading efforts to implement corrective measures.
  • Owns the execution of the agreed upon lifecycle management plan (Phase in and Phase out) (NPI and end of life) with Reseller.
  • Leads the CPFR and/or vendor managed inventory (VMI) processes with the Reseller and ensures forecast and event requirements are reflected in the Demand Plan.
  • Collaborates with sales account leadership to support the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process

<External Reseller work>

  • Contributes to the success of the overall business by representing Reseller supply chain interests in cross-functional project teams, representing company in communications with Reseller regarding changes to mutual business processes and balancing Reseller-specific needs while supporting the greater good of the organization.
  • Drives analysis and action to decrease of out-of-stocks and, where possible, returns.
  • Addresses issues and opportunities regarding the repair logistics and parts supply chain flow.
  • Reduces Reseller operational costs and drives value chain optimization. Identifies, prioritizes and drives strategic supply chain initiatives to drive innovation and optimization for competitive advantage. Leverages data (internal, shopper, customer, web) to support Reseller innovations.
  • Introduces innovative initiatives focusing on the final leg of the supply chain which most closely impacts the shopper and/or Reseller.
  • Develops relationships with Reseller personnel across operations, buying and distribution


  • Fundamental: (F) Has basic understanding of the concept/work. Requires support to execute multiple or complex tasks
  • Proficient: (P) Demonstrated ability to execute required work and delivers expected results. Contributes to process improvement.
  • Advanced: (A) Consistently connects work concepts to deliver breakthrough results. Effectively uses multifunction resources.

[Employment Type]
Full Time Employee

[Work Location]

9 Million Yen to 10 Million Yen
*According to your annual salary of the previous job and experience

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