Quality Assurance Supervisor - 外資系フィルターメーカー

Location: Gunma, Japan
Job Type: 正社員
Salary ¥5500000 - ¥6800000 per annum
Specialization: 製造業(電気・電子・機械・自動車・化学・その他)
Sub-specialization 品質管理・品質保証
お問合せ Kasumi Oki
参照 JO-1804-391721

Quality Assurance Supervisor


自社は、世界各国各地域に33を数える工場、総勢10,000名を超える社員を擁するグローバルな企業で、アジア太平洋地域の研究開発拠点も兼ねております。 自社は、アメリカ本社での研修のほか、インドネシアのジョイントベンチャーに出向したり、中国工場の立ち上げに参画するなど、海外での重要プロジェクトで活躍するチャンスもあります。 日本の自動車メーカーが製造しているバスやトラックのほとんどに、ドナルドソンのエアーフィルターが標準搭載されております。 今回は、ビジネスの拡大による人員募集でございます。

To Support team management of Manager.
To manage Job schedule and activity for Staff.
To proceed Inspection and Quality Control for products in Gunma line and purchase Products / Materials from suppliers in order to maintain and improve quality.

Key Accountabilities1
Develop capability of staff with OJT.
Manage Job schedule for team staff.
Execute team operation together with staff by strong leadership

Key Accountabilities2
Request and instruct quality improvement to Manufacturing process using process quality data.
Create and issue "In Process inspection standard" and "Quality check sheet".
Maintain and improve "In process quality" for "In process inspection"

Key Accountabilities3
Execute product final inspection and incoming inspection for purchased products and parts.
Maintain and improve incoming inspection capability for purchased products and parts. Maintain and improve inspection capability for final goods.

Key Accountabilities4
Create and issue "Control Plan".
Perform evaluation test in order to assure product quality.
Perform "quality verification testing" for new product and other request.
Control and calibrate measurement equipment

Key Accountabilities5
Proceed Product quality improvement activity in order to prevent customer complaint.
Proceed handling customer complaint such as receiving, problem description, containment action, cause analysis and request to solving for responsible department.

Key Accountabilities6
Build, maintain and improve "Quality and Environmental Management system". Conduct product and Process quality audit.

・FMEAのアプローチ、分析手法とその活用方法に関する知識、製品検査手法と製品分析手法の知識 必要。