Property Manager - Real Estate Developer

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Job Type: 正社員
Salary ¥8000000.00 - ¥10000000.00 per annum
Specialization: 不動産
Sub-specialization アセットマネジメント / プロパティマネジメント
お問合せ Kazuhiro Asaga
参照 JO-1911-430488
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[Company Description]
Global Real Estate Developer

Property Manager
Construction Management roles as Property Manager

  • 計画工事立案(中長期修繕計画も含む)
  • 計画工事予算作成(中長期修繕計画も含む)
  • 計画工事の進捗確認
  • 突発修繕対応、事故対応
  • 予算管理と見積査定
  • 検討テナント工事サポート
  • テナント入居工事対応
  1. Draw up Plan of Construction including middle and long terms repairing work
  2. Make budget for planed construction work including middle and long terms repairing work
  3. Construction management for planed construction work
  4. Manage repairing work for urgent occasion
  5. Budget management including assessment of estimation
  6. Construction support for prospective tenant
  7. Construction support for coming-in tenant

[Employment Type]
Full time



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