Product Manager - EC Start-up Service

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Job Type: 派遣
Salary ¥5000000.00 - ¥7000000.00 per annum
Specialization: テクノロジー・デジタル・通信
Sub-specialization プロジェクトマネジメント, Eコマース, 決済
お問合せ Shiori Ebashi
参照 JO-2003-436652

Position Summary:

Our group launches and runs various new services based on our platform's users.

The missions of these services are to accelerate the growth, as well as to contribute new values and profits to our platform.

In this rare opportunity, you will be able to realize the product that you image.

Join us to create new values while undertaking the challenges of customers and merchants on the big stage!

(Team culture)

Our policy is to create added-value in a fun, easy and fast way.

It is important to contribute efficiently to business while valuing members' feelings.

  • Respects independence

    You can work at your discretion, and you can do new work from the bottom up.
  • Respects each other and helps each other

    Related parties (members/superiors/business etc.) are friendly, easy to talk to, and you can feel free to consult.
  • Challenges new things

    Tolerance to mistakes, constructive, easy to challenge.

    With the aim of improving service/operation while enjoying and growing up, it is permitted to secure study/challenge time during business hours.


    The service scale is mainly small and medium, and we expect to be involved in the entire product management for the services and act as a leading player.

    We also expect to educate existing members' product management skills. You can also choose management carrier path.


    ・ Understand business plans/user experiences/competitions/trends and plan product strategies.

    ・ Develop a development project based on product strategy and quantitative/qualitative data.

    ・ Develop a short-term (1 year) / medium-term (2-3 years) development plan.

    ・ Preliminary investigation, requirement definition, and design can be performed for development projects according to the degree of uncertainty.

    ・ Validate the effectiveness of the development project and run a fast PDCA cycle.

    ・ Promote development project/service operations smoothly while maintaining close communication with business/design/development members.

    Required skills/experience:

    ・ Over 5 years of experience as WEB service product manager/product owner/producer/director

    ・ Communication/negotiation capability that can draw out the power of other departments with conflicting interests

    (Before making, high uncertainty and over scope requests can be adjusted for scope/investigation etc.)

    ・ Excellent data collection / analysis ability for customers / competitors / company. Proposal ability based on it.

    (Using Google Analytics etc., you can visualize the main traffic of your site and analyze the issues, etc.)

    (Using user interviews, etc., you can analyze user needs and issues at your site, etc.)

    Preferred skills and experiences:

    ・ Experience gained opportunity to make proposals to executives and got approval

    ・ Experience developed web service

    ・ Product owner experience in Scrum development

    ・ Web marketing work experience

    ・ Business planning experience

    ・ Experience visualizing/improving business model using the business model / lean canvas etc.

    ・ Experience of step-by-step hypothesis verification and problem-solving at low cost using MVP canvas/user story mapping etc.