Parts Inventory & Order Planning Manager - Car Manufacturer

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Job Type: 正社員
Salary ¥8000000 - ¥11000000 per annum
Specialization: サプライチェーン、購買、物流
Sub-specialization 在庫管理・在庫計画
お問合せ Daniel Munoz
参照 JO-1809-402657
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[Company Summary ]
Global Car Manufacturer


  1. Monitor P&A sales, inventory, fill rate, and back order situation everyday
  2. Monitor and follow up the performance of suppliers
  3. Take actions or give instructions to the order planners to achieve the target of KPIs
  4. Approve replenishment/emergency orders judged by planners
  5. Escalate claim to suppliers, EMEA, NAFTA and local suppliers for critical cases
  6. Conduct any other planning activity/data analysis to support warehouse operation
  7. Study and communicate with related departments for the new model vehicle parts inventory build-up
  8. Report KPIs
  9. Maintain NSC ERP and CSPS & MPS in relation to inventory control and planning
  10. Take part in / work on project work

1. General Skills
(1) Language: Fluent in English to communicate with APAC, EMEA and NAFTA and fluent in Japanese to communicate with team members & relevant parties
(2) Strong communication and presentation skills
(3) Basic knowledge of car and parts
(4) Basic knowledge of parts logistics

2. Functionality Skills and Technical skills
(1) Strong analytical skills
(2) Experience of inventory management
(3) Knowledge of SAP SD, IM
(4) Excellent on MS excel and related PC operation

3. Management and Leadership Skills
(1) Eager to achieve the target
(2) Strong coordination skill for difficult tasks
(3) Time management, able to work under pressure
(4) Strong people management skills

[Employment Type]
Full Time Employee

[Work Location]

8 Million Yen ~ 11 Million Yen
(Experiences and skills will be considered)

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