OMS(Operation Management System) Adviser ー Logistic Company

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Job Type: 正社員
Salary ¥6000000.00 - ¥7500000.00 per annum
Specialization: サプライチェーン、購買、物流
Sub-specialization サプライチェーンマネジメントコンサルティング
お問合せ Linfeifei Fan
参照 JO-1909-426975
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[Company Description]
Global Logistic Company


  • manage continuous improvement opportunities for Kaizen and Kaikaku, addressing necessary actions
  • train all site leaders on problem solving in the Excellence School training program, maintain the knowledge
  • support the development of a Recognition Program and maintain the program (including extensive communication), engaging the different stakeholders (including operations, HR)
  • encourage and coach the site leaders to continuously improve their processes.
  • Train site leadership / nominated person on VSM development and analysis
  • Train site leadership / nominated person to do time and motion studies
  • Support site leadership / nominated person to do VSM analysis in order to develop the future state map and to address the improvement actions needed
  • Train site leadership / nominated person for analyzing / reviewing slotting, zoning and travel sequence
  • support site nominated person during the development
  • Address necessary activities with other staff areas [experts] to support the operation to implement improvements identified
  • Define an agenda with site leadership / nominated person to ensure Kaikaku's improvements will be continuously reviewed in the operation.
  • Train and support site leadership / nominated person to develop the Operational Clock in order to balance the operational flow, considering Forecast, Daily orders flow, Orders profile, Capacity analysis, Master data validation and Connecting with labor planning
  • Support site leadership / nominated person to review & improve the way customer requests orders or how orders are received during the shifts in order to balance the operational flow and its resources
  • Support site leadership / nominated person to improve Inventory Records, sharing best practices and addressing the topics to inventory experts related to Wall to Wall, Cycle Count process, Stages and market places clean up, Refusal and Returns
  • Support site leadership / nominated person on contacting the IT team to: validate JDA/ DLx/ LMS capabilities, define manual versus automatic process in place, issues reported on The View, implement new process to ensure system compliance versus design and customize system as required by the operation
  • Introduce new tools and practices to site management team, present business cases and implement innovations concepts such as count back, direct put away, yard management, replenishment strategy, co packing work order, interleaving
  • Support site leadership / nominated person to expand the Performance Cube by eliminating productivity barriers and breaking bottle necks
  • Engage site management team and staff areas [Quality, Safety, HR] with Continuous Improvement mindset
  • Train site leadership / nominated person on Kanban methodology and coach them to ensure continuous use
  • Support site leadership / nominated person to implement Kanban methodology (manual process) and identify the best places to implement it
  • Develop and support the OMS Champion to build the Kaizen structure, establishing specific process to ensure Kaizen's analysis and implementation
  • Share samples of tools to enable improvements' tracking, savings gathering and project implementation
  • Train site leadership / nominated person on root cause analysis techniques
  • Train site leadership / nominated person on how to prioritize improvement actions and how to track the improvement benefits
  • Train CI Champion with Continuous Improvement mindset to be able to share the practices with site leaders and drive continuous improvement through all levels within site
  • Train others advisors in the OMS methodology and tools for continuous improvement
  • Share best practices between sites and indicate the best solutions to be replicated


  • Experience working within supply chain operations is essential for this role
  • Experience in a manufacturing/operational environment is needed
  • Experience in Performance Management, productivity and continuous improvement methodologies highly desirable
  • Coach and Change Management experience
  • The role holder must act self-initiative but understand the role as an integrated team role
  • The role holder must be dynamic and goal orientated; enabling site teams to work accordingly to the plan
  • Experience is needed to collaborate with ops managers across all levels within a country

<Language Level>
Japanese: Native Level
English: Intermediate〜Business Level

[Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities]
Active listener; Effective communicator; Process driven / analytical approach; Change management skills / experience; Facilitation skills

[Employment Type]
Full time

6 Million 〜 7.5 Million Yen
(Experiences and skills will be considered)


Social insurance

Full 2 holiday week system (Sat/Sun) national holidays
New year's holiday
Annual Leave

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