Nephrology MSL/ Associate Manager - Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

お問合せ Reid Aune
参照 JO-1908-424333
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Nephrology Medical Science Liason/ Associate Manager

  • Exchange and dissemination of scientific, educational, and research related information: The MSL plans, partners and engages with TLs as a subject matter expert and colleague both proactively and reactively via various innovative TL engagements tactics and formats to provide dissemination, clarification and education of scientific data, study protocols, meeting abstracts, and professional literature (Both proactive discussions on-label, and reactive discussions for unsolicited off-label questions in alignment with local regulations).
  • TL Identification / profiling / segmentation and strategy and engagement planning: In alignment with medical strategy as stipulated in the integrated brand plan, the MSL contributes to internal understanding of specific TL interests, expertise and impact in the medical community at large.
  • Participation at / networking in Congresses and Conventions: The MSL uses congresses and conventions to network with TLs, establish new contacts, and gather competitive intelligence.
  • Coordination of Scientific Education Activities and Advisory Boards: The MSL plans and organizes scientific training, education events / sessions and advisory boards with TLs within their specific therapeutic area.
  • Preparing reports and tracking activities: The MSL submits timely reports of field interactions and events, as well as tracks activities against agreed upon PMP objectives and country medical activity plan.
  • Collecting Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) ideas and facilitating IIR set-up: The MSL acts as a point of contact for investigators, facilitating the interface with investigators and appropriate BHC personnel responsible for approval, and communication of study progress and completion
  • Interactions with Medical Societies: The MSL answers medical / scientific queries of Medical societies with regards to BHC products. Secondary Activities
  • Market Access: The MSL provides assistance to Medical Advisors and Market Access and supports presentations of new information to hospital formularies and reimbursement decisions makers as required.
  • Internal scientific support: The MSL serves as internal scientific expert by selective support to training activities in addition to answering scientific / medical queries by the Sales Representatives (in conjunction with / as a supporting element to Medical Advisors)
  • Clinical Research Support: The MSL provides additional support (as required) to support local clinical operations personnel / Medical Advisors with respect to strategic feasibility in company sponsored clinical development studies as well as facilitation of medical affairs interventional and observation studies.
  • External scientific support, training and education: The MSL provides additional external scientific support, training & education not covered by other primary activities In additionto the skills, tasks and responsibilities of an MSL, the Senior MSL
  • Quickly develops advanced knowledge and understanding of therapeutic area products and/or related fields
  • Ability to coordinate and/or lead projects from inception to conclusion


  • 大学卒以上、かつ理系学部出身であること(薬学、医学部であれば尚可)
  • 研究、開発、メディカルアフェアーズ、MSL、マーケティングのいずれかでの実務経験
  • 心臓領域、腎臓領域、内分泌領域での実務経験者が望ましい
  • 優れたコミュニケーション能力、対人調整力、交渉力を持ち、社内外の関係者との良好な関係を 構築できること
  • 科学的および論理的思考を有すること
  • ビジネスレベルの英語力 (TOEIC 730 点以上)
  • ワード、エクセル、パワーポイント等の基本的なPCスキル
  • 日本全国への出張が可能な方(月10-15回程度)


  • 厳しい状況にあっても、説明責任を保ちながら、着実に成果に結びつけることができる。
  • 共通の目標を達成するために、周囲と信頼関係を構築し、協力して業務を遂行できる。
  • 複雑で大量の、ときには相互に矛盾する情報について把握したうえで効果的に問題を解決できる。
  • 組織目標と整合した方策を推進するために、計画を立案し、業務に優先順位をつけることができ る。
  • 将来の可能性を見極めたうえで、現状を打破する戦略を策定できる。
  • 困難な課題にも進んで取り組み、必要なときにははっきりと主張できる。



9時00分〜17時30分 (休憩時間:12時30分〜13時30分)