Marketing Communication Manager - 製薬メーカー

Location: Kanagawa, Japan
Job Type: 正社員
Salary ¥6000000.00 - ¥10000000.00 per annum
Specialization: ライフサイエンス・ヘルスケア・医療機器・製薬
Sub-specialization マーケティングコミュニケーション / PR
お問合せ Shin Arita
参照 JO-1907-421427
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Implement effectively the marketing activities and its communication plan to manage the creation process and to deliver them on timely.

<Accountability # 1>
・Manage the creation process of promotional materials/packaging.
・Manage creation process of materials for the marketing promotion, communication and packaging to meet the deadline.
・Participate in development of materials in line with the MKTG strategy and the product positioning.
・Responsible for delivering and stock of materials
・Report promotional activity results for analyzing the efficiency and effectiveness.(ROI)
・Supply marketing materials within appropriate timing.

<Accountability # 2>
・Marketing information
・Follow and monitor the marketing implementation from sales team.
・Analyse and report the outcomes of campaign vs the expectation and objectives.
・Collect competitors' information about their commercial activities.
・Updated the implementation results and competitors' information.

<Accountability # 3>
・Support of the marketing activities' implementation
・Vets conferences, congress.
・Ad for vets magazines or other medias.
・Implement well-organized activities.

<Accountability # 4>
・Communication & Relationship
・Communicate effectively with sales team.
・Communicate effectively with marketing agency.
・Comprehensive work with product manager
・Effective communication to implement the marketing promotion.

・Marketing knowledge and thinking. (product positioning, segmentation, portfolio)
・Knowledge of the regulation of the MAFF and the fair trade commission
・Managing skill for the design agency
・Understand market and customer main drivers for product usage.
・IT: Fully skilled Excel (macro) , power point
・Languages : Reading and writing communication in English
・Maintain effective communication with other divisions for prepare and implimantation of Marketing strategy.




600〜1000万円程度 ※経験を考慮し、同社規定により決定