Lab Operation Supervisor - Laboratory Instruments Manufacture

勤務地 Tokyo, Japan
職種 正社員
給与 ¥7000000.00 - ¥8000000.00 per annum
専門 ライフサイエンス・ヘルスケア・医療機器・製薬,
Sub-specialization アプリケーションスペシャリスト,
お問合せ Shintaro Tsuchiya
参照 JO-1911-430891

[Company Description]
Multinational Laboratory Instruments Manufacture

Company has own laboratory with Company Instruments in Tokyo. This position operates and maintains those Instruments (flow cytometers, etc.) at the lab. In addition, this position has responsibility to maintain the facilities belonging in the lab.


  • Experience of operation and maintenance (SW and HW) for flow cytometry or biological analyzer
  • Experience of sample preparations (Blood, serum, PBMC, tissue) for flow cytometry
  • Skills and experiences for scheduling
  • Understanding on compliance and regulations
  • Internal and external communication skill
  • Excel, Word
  • Understanding English manual

[Desired Characteristics]

  • Responsibility and team work sprit
  • Interest in participating in business

[Employment Type]
Full time

7 Million 〜 8 Million Yen
(Experiences and skills will be considered)


Social insurance

Full 2 holiday week system (Sat/Sun) national holidays
New year's holiday
Annual Leave

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