Front End Developer - EC Company

勤務地 Tokyo, Japan
職種 正社員
給与 ¥6000000.00 - ¥10000000.00 per annum
専門 テクノロジー・デジタル・通信,
Sub-specialization プログラマー,
お問合せ Alexander Richardson
参照 JO-2004-438507
about Alexander Richardson

[Company Description]
Global EC Comapany

We have expanded eCommerce business at a rapid rate and rolled out a global e-commerce system that underpins these businesses.
Our EC Web Application team are seeking a passionate engineer who can lead the team to develop applications with robust operational structure.

Our mission is to apply the latest web technologies globally making use of best practices. We also develop new features to improve customer experience and influence the industry continuously.

In addition to web fundamentals, the candidate will design scalable architecture with open mind. We are building a system that handles high volume of incoming traffic with our rapid business growth, following the internal cloud and infrastructure policies.

We especially value your backend development experience related to inventories, ordering, and payment management to enhance the consumer experience.

Basic Qualifications:

  • At least 3 years of JavaScript development experience for web applications
  • Experience in SPA development with React, Redux, and Webpack, using REST or GraphQL APIs.
  • Experience in static type checking in JavaScript (Flow or TypeScript)
  • Experience in unit testing implementation in JavaScript (Jest, etc)
  • Experience working with ESLint and in depth understanding in frontend performance optimization (Critical Rendering Path, Code Splitting, Tree Shaking etc.)
  • Ability to design frontend architecture
  • Great communication skills to coordinate the project with other teams
  • At least 1 year of backend development experience with any language
  • 3年以上のコンシューマ向けのソフトウェアの開発経験(JavaScript/HTML5)
  • モバイル向けフロントエンド設計・開発の経験、特にReact/Reduxを用いたSPA開発経験
  • Webの基礎知識およびHTML/CSS/JavaScriptを用いた開発経験
  • フロントエンドアーキテクチャの設計・構築経験
  • フロントエンドのパフォーマンス最適化経験(クリティカルレンダリングパス、コード分割等)
  • 最低1年のバックエンドの開発経験・APIの開発経験(言語は問いません)
  • 基本的なモダンウェブサービスインフラストラクチャの知識(CDN、クラウドインフラストラクチャ等)
  • 卓越したコミュニケーションスキル(開発チーム間、ビジネスサイド及びプロダクトマネージャ等)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in design and implementation of API with NodeJS→Experience in building Backends For Frontends is a plus
  • Application development experience using NoSQL DB
  • System development experience on public cloud (AWS,GCP)
    • Load balancing and load test experience
  • Version control and code review process experience using Git
  • Experience in high traffic website development and operation
  • Global project experience
    • Experience in communication with overseas partners and development with offshore teams
  • Any leader experience
    • Experience in designing systems and progress management as a leader
  • Knowledge in development process and DevOps. Experience in CI/CD and TDD/BDD
  • Nodeを用いたAPI設計
    • Backend for Frontend の実装経験
  • NoSQL DBを使ったアプリケーション開発
  • パブリッククラウド(AWS,GCP)上でのシステム構築経験
    • マイクロサービスの設計・開発
    • 負荷分散の知識・負荷テストの実施経験
  • Gitによるソースコード管理およびレビュープロセスの実践
  • その他プラスになる知識や経験
  • 高トラフィックのシステムやWebサイトの開発または運用経験
  • グローバルな開発プロジェクトの経験
    • 海外とのコミュニケーション。オフショアを使った開発経験
  • 何らかの開発リーダー経験
    • 設計や開発進捗管理を行った経験
  • 開発プロセスやDevOpsに関する知識。CI/CDやTDD/BDDなどの実践

[Employment Type]
Full time



Healthcare (Health insurance, Welfare Pension, Employment insurance, Compensation Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance)

Five-day workweek (Sat and Sun: off/ national holidays: workdays)
special leave, annual paid leave, congratulation or condolence leave

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