Financial Controller - Food& Beverage Company

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Job Type: 正社員
Salary ¥8000000 - ¥15000000 per annum
Specialization: 経理・財務
Sub-specialization 経理(マネージャー)
お問合せ Andre Schuetz
参照 JO-1810-404659
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Controller oversees core finance activities including accounting-related matters, external reporting including to the Stock Exchange reporting, supporting the Investor Relations function, developing and executing capital strategies and financing, financial analysis, tax compliance/optimization, internal control, and provides the management team with the advice on specific matters as necessary. The Controller's Group will drive optimization work implementing a new enterprise management system in SAP, standardizing and driving synergies from the new structure.
Controller plays a key role in providing insight and feedback as to legal entity structures and optimized capital structures and risk management.

  • Lead and improve all business reporting processes ensuring requirements are met with timely and accurate reporting of financial results, and provide the financial insight to management.
  • Communicate with external and internal auditors and manage a strong control environment
  • Maximize cash generation leveraging knowledge and application of treasury operations, banking systems, and working capital management
  • Manage appropriate tax compliance/optimization
  • Trillion Yen revenue destination


  • CPA degree, English proficiency

Strong numerical proficiency, organizational skill, good problem-solving skills and excellent use of logic. Furthermore, since a large part of the job is delegating tasks to subordinates and then aggregating their work to make final decisions, the Controller must have excellent leadership skills and a big-picture method for approaching tasks

  • TOEIC800以上または同等のビジネス英会話〔会話のほかに高レベルの読み書き能力も〕レベルを有している


  • プロフェッショナルとしてのキャリアを志し、将来にわたって経営に携わる強い意思を有する
  • 事象・課題を構造的に把握した上で、本質的な課題を発見・解決策を自ら見出し、最後までやりきる事が出来る
  • 本質を捉え、変化を楽しみ、柔軟に対応できる
  • 社内のあらゆる方と垣根なくコミュニケーションできる高いコミュニケーション能力を有する






  • 財産形成:退職金制度(企業型確定拠出年金)、従業員持株会
  • 保険・手当:社会保険完備(健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険)、休日手当など
  • 休日・休暇:個別指定休日
  • 結婚休暇、葬祭休暇、公傷病休暇、私傷病積立休暇、公用休暇、罹災休暇、赴任休暇、 配偶者出産休暇、リフレッシュ休暇(永年勤続表彰)子の看護休暇/介護休暇(年間5労働日)、ならし保育休暇
  • 生理休暇、出産休暇、育児休業、介護休業
  • 育児短時間勤務(子供が小学校3年生終了まで)
  • チャレンジ休業制度;社員のキャリアアップ(学位や専門能力取得)を目的に6か月以上3年以下の休業を認める制度
  • ウェルカムバック制度(家族の事由により、やむを得ず離職しなければならない社員に対して、退職事由解消時に復職できる制度)
  • その他:共済会、健康支援、各地契約保養施設、各種割引券など

年間休日数 121日。 週休2日(土日休)