CRMマネージャー - プレミアムブランド

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Job Type: 正社員
Salary ¥7000000.00 - ¥10000000.00 per annum
Specialization: 消費財・日用品・サービス・小売・広告
Sub-specialization デジタル / EC / CRM
お問合せ Mirai Ito
参照 JO-2008-446636

Note: Applicants must have permission to work in japan

[Company Description]
Famous luxury brand


The CRM Manager is responsible for managing organization's CRM ensuring the company can make the most out of marketing opportunities it offers. This role requires an ability to understand wide area of businesses activities such as entire retail, marketing, and Information technologies section.
Specific Responsibilities;

  • Working as one of team members of marketing department. Responsible for reporting to marketing director in Japan and provide essential information required for entire marketing activities.
  • Planning and delivering CRM strategies across company encouraging customer generation, retention and its loyalty.
  • Working closely with HQ CRM & IT team and develop/improve global/local CRM database to ensure CRM works effectively for all aspects of company.
  • Obtain customer data at various channel and keep them clean and well segmented along with company's strategy
  • Overseeing entire marketing activities based on CRM analysis and analyze the result and do fine tuning for next activities. (Maximize profitability and ensure customer generation/retention/elevation).


  • Bachelor's degree and a minimum of 5 years in CRM experiences at retail or similar industries
  • Wide Knowledge of entire marketing, CRM database/concepts and reporting skills (such as SQL background or similar skill needed for reporting) are required.
  • Actual experience of digital marketing such as SNS & Email is required.
  • eCommerce experience or knowledge is preferable
  • Ability to perform other non-essential duties as assigned
  • Strong communication and facilitation skills in Japanese, primary, and in English secondary, and experiences in partnering with HQ, retail, marketing and IT members to design and implement several types of marketing activities


  1. CRM業務経験。5年以上
  2. マーケティングの知識がある方
  3. ビジネスレベル以上の英語力


  1. リテールファッション業界での経験


  1. ハンズオンで自ら積極的に動ける方
  2. 高いコミュニケーション能力がある方
  3. 職務に対して責任感の強い方
  4. 正確性を保持し、期限厳守を守れる方
  5. 協調性が高く、他部門とも円滑に業務を進められる方
  6. リーダーシップを発揮し、ポジティブなマインドをもたらし、自らと周りを導ける方

[Employment Type]
Full time



Social insurance, Retirement plan, transportation Fee

Full 2 holiday week system (Sat/Sun) national holidays , New year's holiday, summer holiday,
annual Leave, maternity leave, parental leave

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