Sales Manager - アパレル会社

Location: Tokyo
Contract Type: Permanent
Salary: ¥9000000.00 - ¥11000000.00 (年収) + 20%ボーナス
Specialization: Consumer Goods & Retail, Advertising,
Sub Specialization:
Contact: Tomoe Okamura
Reference: JO-2212-477062

・Applicants must have permission to work in Japan
・Applicants must be able to speak fluent ~ native level Japanese (Equivalent to JLPT N1)

☑外資系企業 ☑英語力が必要 ☑リモートワーク可能 ☑フレックス勤務

Sales Manager



  • 既存店舗(直営店、百貨店店舗、代理店)でのビジネス開拓と維持
  • キーアカウントマネジメントとその他の戦略活動
  • 営業チーム4名のマネージメントとコーチング ・国内各部署との連携
  • グローバルとの予算交渉 等の業務を担っていただきます。

Job function:
Lead and supervise the work of the sales team on both the strategical and the daily level.
Scope will include off-line and on-line channels as well as retail management.

  • Develop distribution and sales as well as key accounts.
  • Develop and maintain semi-direct retail business, mainly in Department stores.
  • Secure high quality selective distribution in accordance with our distribution strategy.
  • Develop sales with retailers through merchandising, product training, sales training.
  • Key Account management, with using JBP + other strategy activities.
  • Develop EC market place based on brand strategy.
  • Develop and coach the sales team, on both team and individual basis.
  • Ensure excellent coordination between sales and other functions such as CS, Logistics & Marketing.

Personnel responsibility:

  • Contribute to a global best practice sharing environment.
  • Ensure and support the professional and personal development of the account managers.
  • Secure adequate training and development of organization in line with corporate standards.

Main Job Responsibilities

<Strategy & Planning>
Prepare a winning sales and retail strategy for Japan in close cooperation with the country manager. Prepare annual operating plans and budgets to secure implementation of the company's strategies to achieve its objectives.

<Sales & Customers Management>
Implement strategies and reach quantitative and qualitative goals set.
Maintain personal contacts with all major customers/key accounts
Manage some of key accounts directly as playing manager.

<Developing Sales and Distribution>
Responsibilities applying to both off-line and on-line channels:

  • Lead the daily work of the sales team to implement the strategy.
  • Secure prioritization of areas and customers
  • Work out off-line and on-line distribution and sales development plans for Japan.
  • Find, evaluate, and activate relevant trade partners according to the company policies.
  • Contract negotiations and implementation of our requirements to retailers and e-tailers.
  • Secure distribution requirements are fulfilled with all customers at any time.
  • Continuously follow up to secure that our distribution requirements are fulfilled in all specific channels
  • Continuously improve merchandising in stores and e-shops (installation of Perfect Store Guide).

<EC sales Management (In collaboration with EC Manager)>

  • Develop suitable EC account target by investigating and reviewing their EC page with company profile.
  • Maximize their sales opportunity that we suggest them to prepare sales action at the event time in each MP.
  • Conduct routine digital audit on EC pages to maintain latest product information.

<Retail Management>

  • Supervise the Core Doors with a Retail Advisor in charge: define the overall strategy, growth plan.
  • Watch monthly sale activities.
  • Monitor expansion of distribution.
  • Ensure implementation of training program for store staff

<Sales and Retail staff Training>

  • Ensure all account managers receive training in a timely and efficient way (by HQ training dept)

<Service and Support>

  • Support efficient order transmission and processing.
  • Work with customer service to ensure the customers and the account managers get the service they need.
  • Support sales forecasts for especially new products.
  • Support the implementation and successful realization of all sales programs and marketing campaigns.

<Reporting and Analysis>

  • Use our defined sales way of working using tools provided such as Salesforce and Power BI, according to best practices and guidelines.
  • Submit monthly sales overall report to country manager.


  • 5-10 years' experience of leading a sales team
  • Experience with developing distribution and sales for premium branded goods with excellent results (as perceived by management and customers).
  • Experience with motivating and training retail sales personnel and implementing company strategies in retail environments.
  • Experience with guiding and supporting customer service department.
  • Experience of selective distribution policies of exclusive/up-market products/brands.
  • Experience with both small independent retailers and also sophisticated multiple retailers.





Reference: JO-2212-477062
Seniority Level: Mid-Senior level
Job Function: Sales