RPO Onsite Recruiter/オンサイト・リクルーター(採用代行)

Location: Tokyo
Contract Type: Permanent
Salary: 4,800,000~7,500,000/year
Specialization: Human Resources, General Affairs & Administration,
Sub Specialization: Recruiting / TA, Internal Vacancies,
Contact: TA team

【概要】※ English follows


enPowerは、採用プロセスの最適化、アウトソーシング、コンサルティングといった包括的なソリューションを、日本市場に向けて提供し、発展を遂げてきた採用代行サービス(RPO=Recruitment Process Outsourcing)です。





  • クライアントの採用戦略に貢献するために、候補者の獲得、評価、選考過程を円滑に進める

  • クライアント先の各事業部メンバーや採用(TA)チームのメンバーなど、採用関係者と積極的にコミュニケーションを取り、採用課題の発見、解決施策の提案を行う

  • エージェントや求人媒体などの複数のソーシングチャネルを活用しての母集団形成

  • 候補者とHM(Hiring Manager)の両方が満足できるような採用プロセスの推進を心がける

  • 面接プロセスの最適化

  • 採用の進捗レポートを作成して定期的にクライアントに報告する


  • ​​クライアントが使用している候補者管理システムやHRシステムに即時に対応できる知見と経験

  • クライアントのさまざま期待に対して自身の経験や知見を活かして対応できる柔軟性

  • 採用戦略の策定や手法の運用への貢献

  • クライアントの組織やステークホルダーの情報を整理し、冷静に取り組む​​​

  • クライアントが抱える採用課題に対する解決策の提案力

  • 単独でもチームでも、積極的に業務に取り組める姿勢



  • 企業やRPOもしくは人材紹介会社でのフルサイクルのリクルーティング業務経験を3年以上お持ちの方

  • 流暢な日本語力

  • ビジネスレベルの英語力

  • 就労ビザ等、日本での就業許可を取得している方

  • チームでプロジェクトを推進したご経験をお持ちの方

  • 大卒以上、または同等の実務経験を有する方


  • 大量採用の経験があれば尚可



■About RPO services(enPower)

enPower Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) brand has been developed in and for the Japan market to provide a complete suite of recruitment optimization, outsourcing and consulting solutions.

Fully integrated with en Japan’s job board and HR technology eco-system and backed by en world’s agency business,

enPower has quickly grown to become the largest RPO provider in Japan, helping our clients win in the world’s most talent-short market.

【Job Description】

If you are an ambitious recruiter with strong language capabilities and are committed to high levels of customer service and personal development,
we would like to talk with you about how you can expand your career in talent acquisition as an RPO recruiter.


  • Proactively and creatively sources, leads, and screens candidates to develop pools of talent for all assigned requisitions

  • Ensures high customer experience throughout the recruitment process for both candidates and hiring managers 

  • Meet expected pre-defined service level agreements in a consistent manner 

  • Create Number Based Report both for internal and onsite usage on a timely basis to meet regular reporting deadline and expectations

  • The onsite recruiter is responsible for sourcing, assessing, and driving the selection of talent to support business needs

  • Interact and effectively communicate with internal stakeholders including hiring managers and talent acquisition team members (TA), demonstrating professionalism as a brand ambassador


  • Familiarization of current HR tech platforms such as Workday, ATS, Salesforce,ICIMS, etc. 

  • Applies comprehensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of concepts, principles, and technical capabilities to perform varied tasks and projects 

  • Contributes to the development of policies and procedures 

  • Works on complex projects of large scope in an organized and logical manner 

  • Develops talent solutions to a wide range of difficult problems. Solutions are innovative and in line with organization objectives 

  • Works well both independently and in a team environment with a proactive attitude 



  • 3yrs. (+) experience within a corporate talent acquisition, HR, RPO and/or recruitment agency environment

  • Fluent Japanese

  • Business English

  • Permission to work in Japan with appropriate visa requirements

  • The ability to work effectively in a team environment, with strong project management skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent work experience

Preferred Experience:

  • High volume recruiting experience strongly preferred