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L&D Team ran their first full induction training online this month

Posted by en world Japan

about 2 years ago

Due to the current situation of Covid-19, we did our first full induction training online this month.

Converting our induction training from a 100% face-to-face experience to a 100% online experience in such as short amount of time certainly brought us some challenges, but with the support of our new joiners we feel we were able to build a great learning experience together.

Here are some of the things that we learned while doing our online induction. We hope this can help any of customers who are facing similar challenges:

1. Encourage your participants to speak up

This can be difficult, especially when people are new, but ensuring online interaction is critical to learner engagement

2. Make sure everyone has their cameras on at all times

This makes everyone feel that much closer, even though we are far apart

3. Take frequent breaks

More than you would in a classroom environment. Online training is actually more tiring for both the facilitator and participants

4. Be Creative

We played short games, mostly non-work related, to build teamwork and refresh ourselves in between sessions

5. Involve Senior Leadership

It is important for new joiners to hear the voice of your leadership team during these uncertain times. 

This full induction training online was different and new for all of us, and though we faced some challenges, we were all able to learn and grow from this experience.

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