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enPowerian Spotlight Kazuhiko Terada, Onsite Recruiter

Posted by en world Japan

about 2 years ago

1. 自己紹介 / Tell me about yourself


【入社前の簡単なプロファイル / A profile before joining the company】
8年間小さなRecruiting Agencyで人材紹介を担当、その後、Peach AviationにてInhouse Recruiterを担当。2016年からRPOに興味を持ちRPO会社に入社。enpowerには、2019年夏から勤務して、Sanofiや Coca-ColaにてOnsite Recruiterとして採用活動を行っています。
After first worked as a recruiting consultant at a small recruiting agency for eight years and then as an inhouse recruiter (senior recruiting specialist) at Peach Aviation, I became interested in RPO and joined a RPO company in 2016. Since joining en Power in the summer of 2019, I worked at Sanofi and am currently providing RPO service as an onsite recruiter at Coca Cola.
【入社日 / Joining day】
Joined enPower, RPO Division at en world Japan in July 2019
【現在のオンサイト先・ポジション / Current on-site destination - position】
Onsite Recruiter at one of the biggest American food and beverage company
【現在の簡単な業務内容 / Occupation】
I am supporting recruitment for both internal and external hiring, mainly for Marketing such as E-Commerce, Finance, PR, and Commercial departments at the client company.

2. enPowerに入社したきっかけは? / What attracted you to join enPower?

【前職からの転職理由 / Reasons for changing jobs from your previous job】
前職もRPO会社にいました。en worldは魅力的な企業ラインナップで採用を行っており、とても魅力的に思えました。
My previous job was also at RPO company; en world was hiring RPO consultants for an attractive lineup of clients, which I found very appealing.
【転職活動前に持っていたRPOビジネスに関してのイメージ / What image did you have of the RPO business before changing jobs?】
I think one of the appealing aspects of the RPO business is that you can learn about HR at many different companies, not just at one company. Also, depending on the company you work for, you can be involved in recruitment in a variety of ways, which is very interesting.
【RPO ビジネスに興味を持った理由 / Why are you interested in RPO business?
またDirect Scoutを実施している企業が多いので、会社にマッチする人を自分で探してくることは楽しみの一つです。自分のスカウトした候補が業務を理解して面接を受け、On Boardingまで漕ぎつけた時は一層嬉しく、その方の人生に関わった気がしてとても感動します。
I can work as part of the recruitment team of various companies without having to stick to one company. Also, as many companies scout candidates directly, finding candidates who match for the company is one of the things I enjoy. I am even happier and am very moved when a candidate I scouted understands the business, has interviews, and makes it to the onboarding because I feel like I have been involved a part of that person's life.
【enPowerのどこがいいと思って入社したか / What do you like about enPower that made you join the company?
enPowerにはJSCというDirect Scoutをサポートしてくれるチームがあります。みんなで話し合いをしながら団結して探すことは、「一人じゃない」という気持ちを味わえます。みんなで色んな成功法をシェアしたり、チームで戦っているという心強さを感じながら業務に取り組むことが出来ます。
enPower has a team called Japan Sourcing Center (“JSC”) that supports Direct Scouting. Discussing and searching candidates together as a team gives you the feeling that “you are not alone”. We can share various successful approaches together and work with the reassurance that we are fighting as a team.
In addition, Middle no Tenshoku and other resources are well organized and very helpful in searching for good candidates. I don't think I've ever seen such a backup system in any of the companies I have worked for before.

3. enPower入社後に経験できたこと / What are some experiences that you didn’t expect to gain?


【入社前に想像していた以上だったこと / What was more than you had imagined before joining enPower
I think we have very good teamwork and support system within our organization. Again, there is a corporate culture where someone is always there to help you when you need it, whether it is support from JSC, from leveraging media resources, from your manager, and from IT.
【その時の状況を簡単に説明してください / Please briefly describe the situation】
繰り返しにはなりますが、JSCとのダイレクトスカウトでなかなか合う人がスカウト出来なかったことがあったのですが、根気よくスカウトしてくれて、ついにはその候補者もApplyしてくれてOn Boardingまで辿り着けた経験もあります。その時はみんなで成し遂げた感がとても強く、またJSCのメンバーともとても深い絆が出来ました。チームには本当に感謝しています。
Again, there was a time when I could not find the right person for direct scouting with JSC, but they scouted patiently and finally the candidate applied and reached up to the onboarding. At that time, I felt a strong sense of accomplishment with everyone and I also formed a very deep bond with the JSC members. I am very grateful to the team.
【得られた経験・スキル / Experiences and skills you gained】
Direct Scoutは根気のいる部分もあります。何度も同じ方をスカウトしてしまうこともありますが、皆さん転職はタイミングなので、気にせずに続けることが大事だと感じました。実際に「何度もスカウトをいただいて以前は回答してなくてすみませんでした」と言われたこともあります。
Direct scouting requires a lot of patience. Sometimes I end up scouting for the same person over and over again, but I felt that changing job is all about timing for everyone, so it's important to not worry about scouting many times and keep going. In fact, I was once told from a candidate,” I am sorry I didn't respond to you scout emails previously, even though you have scouted me many times.”
I always make sure to clearly state the rationale or reason why I am scouting for that person in my scout email.
【自分の中での一番の達成 / The best achievement
RPOは色んな企業で採用に関わることが出来ます。面接方法を提案し、面接回数を減らしたり、面接にプレゼンテーションを組み込んでもらったりというような変更点を加えて採用のスパンを短く、簡素化することができました。Hiring Managerからもとても喜ばれて、Winwinの関係を作れたこともとても良い思い出です。言われたことを実行するのも勿論大事ですが、新たな手法を提案したり、他社の成功事例を共有したり、良い点はどんどん取り入れてもらうことも重要だと思い始めています。
If you are a RPO recruiter, you can be involved in the hiring process for many different companies. We were able to shorten and simplify the hiring process by suggesting changes in the interview process, such as reducing the number of interviews and incorporating presentations into the interviews. The hiring manager was very pleased with the results, and we had a win-win relationship, which is a great memory. Of course, it is important to do what you are instructed to do from your client, but I am starting to think it is also important to suggest new approaches, share best practices from other companies, and encourage clients to actively incorporate best practices in their recruitment process.

4. enPowerの魅力について / what is great about enPower?

繰り返しになりますが、「一人で取り組む」というより、チームのサポートが大きいです。またManagerもJSCもIT Supportもみんな、温かさがある点です。
Again, instead of "working alone", we have great support from our teams. Also, another great point about enPower is manager, JSC team, and IT support all have warmth.
【ズバリenPowerを進める理由 / for potential applicants】
Direct ScoutをサポートするJSCというチームのサポートがとても厚いです。またチームで働くことを重要視される方にはとても良い企業です。
Direct Scoutを重要視しコストカットを目指すなら、採用の一部をenpowerにしてみるのをお薦めします!
We are the RPO arm of en world that is known as the recruitment company when it comes to changing jobs at foreign companies.
There is the JSC that actively supports direct sourcing. It's also a great company for those who value working in a team. If you are thinking about working in RPO, I would recommend joining enPower first.
There are many advantages such as many media (resources), name recognition, and taking a team approach to search candidates. If you are looking for a way to cut costs and focus on direct scouting, you may want to consider using enPower services for some of your hiring process!