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enPowerian Spotlight Cherri Cathi, Learning & Development Associate

Posted by en world Japan

about 2 years ago

1. 自己紹介 / Tell me about yourself

Prior to joining enPower, I worked at a headhunting agency and moved on to a career advertisement company as client success.

I was looking to grow my career and joined enPower in April 2019 as an onsite recruiter. That time, I was assigned to a global IT firm to cover end-to-end recruitment. From 2020, I transferred to our L&D team where I am now onboarding new employees and designing training and development programs for our people.





2. enPowerに入社したきっかけは? / What attracted you to join enPower?

As mentioned, I was looking to grow my career and heard about enPower from a friend who currently works here.

To be honest, it took me a few months to apply because my image of RPO was as “haken” and that there was no support system for onsite teams. What attracted me to enPower was that they have a more structured support system compared to other RPOs—they wanted to dispel all the bad images of RPO in the market. This is what sold me and I have not looked back since joining.
Now I am the one who will be able to give the onsite teams the same love and support as from when I joined.






3. enPower入社後に経験できたこと / What are some experiences that you didn’t expect to gain?

I didn’t expect to gain the whole TA experience while at enPower.

By whole, I mean direct sourcing, screening, interview preparations, negotiations, offer creations and offer meetings. I was there at every step for my candidates, and it was a rewarding experience when they joined the company and told me how happy and how much fun they are enjoying their new role. 






4. enPowerの魅力について / what is great about enPower?

I think RPO is still quite new to the Japan market—to both potential applicants and clients.
We are not just a service, but a solution provider to share best practices while also working together as partners to hire the best talent.




There are many great things about enPower. For me personally, I wanted to use both English and Japanese in daily work and I have finally found that balance here. The people are flexible and very supportive.
We want our employees to grow professionally and personally. It’s also quite an open environment where you can share your feedback and consult with your managers and team about almost anything.




▲With RPO members at a Christmas party