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enPowerian Spotlight Mai Yamamura, Onsite Coordinator

Posted by en world Japan

over 2 years ago

This month we are sharing the story of Mai Yamamura, who has been instrumental in supporting our enPower L&D initiatives and currently managing the recruitment coordination process at a top-tier company. Read her story below:


1. 自己紹介 / Tell me about yourself







I have been in enPower since February 2020.

I have worked in HR fields such as Human Resources/General Affairs, Learning & Development, and recruiting.

Also, I was working for a language school as a school manager and school administration for international students in universities.

I have been currently assigned for a project for an American company as a Recruiting Coordinator.

I am responsible to support recruiting process through interview arrangements and creating offer letters.

To complete my duties, I need to utilize various systems to manage candidate’s status, adapting for any changes flexibly for our stakeholders.


2. enPowerに入社したきっかけは? / What attracted you to join enPower?



面接でビジネスモデルを聞いて、これから伸びていくポテンシャルを感じたこと、 働く側としては一つの会社に所属しながら色々な企業文化を体験できることが魅力だと感じました。



I was looking for a job since I needed to resign from my previous job due to changes in the company organization.

I was hoping to find a job relating to recruiting since I have been developing my career mostly in HR. Actually, I did not know anything about RPO until I went to the first interview. I learned the business model of RPO at the first interview then I feel that RPO has a strong potential to grow in the future.

In addition, RPO is very interesting for employees because I can explore working for various clients.

Most importantly, I really like the “people” in enPower. I was impressed with the interviewer’s integrity and passion of the business throughout all the interviews which made me feel confident about the reliability of the organization.

I appreciate their support daily, and information transparency, creating opportunities to connect with other onsite teams and HQ members even in this challenging time due to the Covid-19.



3. enPower入社後に経験できたこと / What are some experiences that you didn’t expect to gain?




As I mentioned in the previous section, the HQ members are incredibly supportive for onsite teams. I was working for L&D in the HQ for the first few months.

I felt how much the team cares about the onsite teams especially for new joiners through my tasks such as onboarding processes and induction training.

After I joined a client as an onsite member, I realize those first training and preparation for new employees are important to support our motivations.


4. enPowerの魅力について / what is great about enPower?





I am sure that enPower team has a high level of professionalism with the ability to flexibly work with various corporate cultures regardless of whether they are Japanese and non-Japanese companies (Gaishi).

The RPO division has great people who hold strong and diverse experiences to work for various clients.

I believe that those skills and experiences are always particularly important for recruiting but the adaptability of corporate cultures is also essential.

Thus, we can strongly support our clients with our strong understanding and flexibility to your corporate cultures.

We have gained unique experiences to work for enPower through delivering your skills through multiple clients/projects.

We are still young business which means you can enjoy very precious experiences for you as an employee to see our GROWTH!