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enPowerian Spotlight Fumiko Takagi, Onsite recruiter

Posted by en world Japan

over 2 years ago

Fumiko moved from being a HR Manager to an onsite recruiter. Why did she shift her career that drastically and what did she gain from it? Read her answers here:


1. 自己紹介/Tell me about yourself




I joined enPower (en world Japan) in November 2019 and am currently working as an onsite recruiter at a Japanese company. For the last 20years or so, I worked at Japanese companies which include engaging in corporate sales in the IT department of a startup company and marketing, etc. Prior to joining en world, I was a Human Resource Development manager of a group company of one of major Japanese advertisement agencies in Japan for nine years, responsible for overall HR business including hiring new graduates and mid-career hires, as well as HR related programs and performance evaluation systems. 



2. enPowerに入社したきっかけは?/ What attracted you to join enPower?







この5ヶ月の間に、HMから「本当に期待通りの人を 採用してもらえた、正直RPOで、これほど優秀な方を採用できるとは思っていなかった」など、本音で語っていただけた事で、この仕事をして良かったなと、入社をして1年経って初めて感じることができました。

Some reasons of changing my career from Corporate HR to RPO were although I felt the greatest pleasure to meet talented candidates for both new graduates and mid-career hiring and to see them join and become successful, contributing the business, I felt that I wanted to experience working at other companies and positions. Thus, I was looking for such opportunities. At first, I was searching for some corporate HR positions, but I happened to receive a phone call from Leonore, which made me interested in RPO service. In fact, I didn't have much knowledge of the RPO service until I joined the company.

This was because HR professionals of Japanese companies, including myself at the time, still had an idea that "Our employees should recruit our employees as our people know best about our company. Therefore, we are best at hiring the right talent for our business.”, they did not have an idea of outsourcing recruiting process to others.

In fact, when I was assigned as an onsite recruiter at a current Japanese company, I felt that some employees of the client were skeptical of capability of our RPO members. However, after about five months, I think we both have been able to fill such gap. I think the reason we reached to such level was that we, the RPO members, had a clear idea that we are a member of HR professionals on the client side and carried out our work daily with the solid focus on recruiting truly necessary talent for the client. 

During the past five months, as the HR manager and I were able to have heart to heart communication and she frankly told me that “You have recruited the right people for us as I expected. I did not think we would be able to hire such talented individuals through RPO service.” I was able to feel that I am glad I am an onsite recruiter for the first time in 12 months after joining.



3. enPower入社後に経験できたこと / What are some experiences that you didn’t expect to gain?




Over the past one year, I have had the rare experiences of being assigned to three companies, including foreign computer manufacturer.  As my colleagues, our RPO recruiters and coordinators, have different ways of working, I have been able to learn many of the basics of RPO service on the ground.

When I decided to join en world, I was also having interviews with several foreign RPO service providers. However, I am truly happy that I ended up joining en world as enPower is the first Japanese RPO service provider which promptly provides excellent support to its employees.


4. enPowerの魅力について / what is great about enPower?




Especially, Japanese companies have little understanding of RPO service, I would like to see more Japanese companies to take advantage of our RPO services. Our RPO service is not a service that you merely outsource your hiring process to others, but a system that can properly distribute your limited resources in order to hire truly talented professionals.

Through taking advantage of our sourcing experts, corporate HR professionals will be able to spend the maximum time in interviews and screening process. Thus, I strongly recommend you experience our RPO service even as a trial first.