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enPowerian Spotlight #5 Shogo Higa, Delivery Project Manager

Posted by en world Japan

about 3 years ago

エージェント側だと見れないクライエントの側の課題に興味を持ち、一度enPowerに入社しOnsite Recruiterとして勤務。


enPowerはRPO会社ではあるが、en World、en Japanという強力なサポーターがいるため、顧客に採用面におけるすべての課題を解決できるトータルソリューションプロバイダーでもある。

開放的な社風、他社にはないキャリアパス、Client centricなenPowerはこれからの採用難時代に大いにクライアントの力になれる真のパートナーである信じている。


As the 1st returnee of enPower, I am glad to be back to the family and shared my experienced gained during my journey. 
I started my career as a sales at an electronic appliance OEM/ODM manufacturer, then turned myself into the trading world of chemical materials at Mitsubishi Corporation. 

After almost 10 years as a trader, I joined Amazon as a retail vendor manager. 
By the year of 2017, realizing that my interest is to help people build their careers, and what I have done could be a great example for those who are seeking for different career paths, I stepped into the world of recruiting as an agency recruiter. After having experienced agency, internal and RPO, I realized that enPower is the solution to the current recruiting market of Japan. Under the extremely competitive market, clients are seeking for a more effective, sufficient and cost-saving solution to meet their needs and hit the functional hiring targets, by which enPower offers customized solutions to fulfill all kinds of hiring requests in the form of RPO.

Not only the solution, the core value of enPower is people, and this is the reason why I returned. People are the ones we care.

We are all connected as a team, a family, a solid supporter to each other. We cheer and share everyone’s success and this is what makes enPower grow so fast as a startup.

We are on the process of being the best, and we will be.

If you are interested in our journey, please do not hesitate to contact us.