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【SCM】(Supply Chain Management)

Posted by en world Japan

over 3 years ago

An intense scramble as Japanese global corporations begin recruiting bilingual talent.

Supply chain is a space where it is relatively stable in the sense that there is never an abundance of roles but it does not drop off either due to a slowing economy. As the economy has been strong, the number of jobs has been quite steady and strong. 
​Generally speaking however, the level of supply chain and expectation of supply chain operations is increasing across companies. More companies are now looking for candidates with stronger analytical ability. One larger trend in the last few years that has made it harder to companies to recruit strong talent has been that global Japanese firms are now trying to tap into the same bilingual global talent workforce that MNC traditionally have hired from. This has made it more competitive to recruit top talent. 

The expansion of SCM roles such as operations automation and has led to higher demand for highly-skilled candidates. 

SCM will continual to grow in importance as companies recognize the true value of this function. Some areas that we see a higher future demand are roles in leading the automation of warehousing and logistics operations. Candidates who have a mix of engineering ability and programming skills will be in high demand. Further down in the future, there will be an increase in demand management as companies focus on the synergy between their marketing and sales functions with supply chain.
Supply chain professionals will also have to play a larger role to improve sustainability and to minimize the negative environmental impact that may result from the production and transportation of products.

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David Hsu

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