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over 2 years ago

Welcoming the era of promoting “Dynamic Engagement of All Citizen”, increase in businesses easing restrictions on the age of candidates. 

In an era where living to 100 years old becomes more commonplace, and promoting dynamic engagement of all citizen, there is a continued increase in the number of companies that are paying less attention to the age of candidates. Job seekers are seeking diverse working styles and telecommuting, in particular, stands out as a common demand. Telework and flex time systems are appealing to employees and has a strong connection to employee retention (decrease in resignations). 
As multinational corporations and matrix organizations must communicate with many stakeholders both in Japan and overseas, people in the human resources departments in foreign capital companies are required to posses as both Japanese and English communication skills. In one example, a senior HR person from a foreign company was hired as the HR manager of a Japanese company in a move towards attracting the best talent in the market. Overall, the number of jobs that improve employee relations by encouraging employee engagement, and jobs that promote employee development with growth in skills specialization has increased since last year. In a fiercely competitive talent acquisition market, we can see that companies are focusing more on employee satisfaction and individual talent growth.

Higher demand for HR talent who creates new value. Recruitment needs expected to continue in all fields in the future.

In response to this trend of rapid changes, there is an increased demand for experienced HR talent who can respond to changes in M&A and business models. We see a higher demand of a role which can integrate HR systems such as job grading, performance appraisals, compensation, and HR operating systems to create new value. Additionally, work specialization has increased, and in addition to employing recruiting experts with corporate experiences, there are more and more examples of companies hiring consultants from recruitment agencies. Since HR has a wide variety of roles such as direct sourcing, creation of internal referral systems, global information sharing, recruitment branding, utilization of recruitment information system, introduction of an RPO service, staff management, budget management, etc., candidates are expected to be equipped to take the initiative in these areas. 
There are recruitment needs in every employment field, including in HR functions (recruitment, human resource development, benefits), for HR generalists (HR business partners, HR managers), etc., and this situation is expected to continue in the coming years and beyond.

Team Manager
Akiko Nakazato

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