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【Recruiting of Senior Leadership Role】

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over 3 years ago

Expecting a leader who can let their vision and mission permeate and lead the business to success.

The Executive search team is seeing a few trends in the searches we are working on. Interestingly, the background and industry specific profiles are continuing to be less important than the core skills, personality and culture fit that a senior leader can bring. Flexibility, international exposure and communication ability, not only in terms of language but in terms of ability to articulate a message, a vision and then deliver on it.

Leaders need to be aware of and experienced in issues surrounding Talent; how to attract and how to retain staff, AI, CSR, Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, if they want to be successful. Sustainability and the "rise of ethical consumers" will have an ever-increasing impact on how companies operate and will see more corporations putting sustainability at the core of strategy and operations to survive and thrive.

"Sustainability" has become a key corporate issue. The rising importance of the CSO (chief strategy officer).

For the Executive team we are well placed to discuss and also predict changes to the market based on the roles we are working on and the people we are speaking to. We are aware that the subject of Sustainability has become a key focus for all businesses but exactly what their internal focus will be and more importantly, 'who' will be the person or team leading this within the company, is yet to be clearly defined. We will see the rise of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) as a more serious and senior role in companies, rather than a tag on to CSR initiatives in place a renowned multinational retailer, is a leader to this end, where globally, all CEOs have been given the joint role and title of CSO. The challenge will be finding the right people and then giving them the right training. This is something that our team will be focusing on in 2020.

Scott Wallace

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