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enPowerian Spotlight #2 Dian Pratiwi, onsite recruiter

Posted by en world Japan

over 3 years ago

enPowerian Spotlight #2: Dian Pratiwi

Dians was one of the first onsite recruiters at enPower in 2017 and has been an important member of the enPower-family ever since.

“I am originally from Indonesia and this is my 4th year in Japan. I speak Indonesian, Japanese and English.

I have been with enworld since 2016 and was a sourcing specialist for several areas such as automotive, life sciences, supply chain and retail. When I was a sourcing specialist, I always wanted to be a full-cycle career consultant.
But when I heard about enPower (RPO), I thought that it seems to be a better challenge because you get to experience beyond the career consultant as you get to work closer with the client and have more in-depth knowledge about HR outside recruitment itself.

I am now able to work with people from all over the world and being involved in volume hiring for new product launches.
Why would I encourage others to join enPower? You will be enabled to work in a flexible working environment with great career path options."