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enPowerian Spotlight #1 Tina Huang, onsite recruiter

Posted by en world Japan

over 3 years ago

Today in our enPowerian Spotlight: Tina Huang.

Tina joined enPower in September 2018 as an onsite sourcing recruiter. She did a fantastic job in her first project at one of our IT clients, the world's largest tweeting platform. Soon after, she moved to her second project at a global multinational information technology company and continues to shine.

“When I had the first interview with enPower, I already got an offer from a competitor. What made me give up another offer to choose enPower?

If I summarize why I joined enPower, there are 3 reasons:

1. People. We have the same goal to build a better career and delivery better service for our clients. 
2. Resource. I can get strong support from the project manager and sourcing support from our offsite team. Besides, we have multiple  sourcing channels to get good quality candidates. 
3. Benefits. Company support individuals to develop more skills like language or computer...Yen for Yen means any cost you took to develop yourself, you can get a half-price refund from the company. 

I never thought I can get the chance to work in big companies like my previous and current project. Working onsite in client's office but working closely with the offsite team. It is like working in the middle of the agency and inhouse TA. Stakeholder management experience, candidate management experience, talent search experience, branding, etc... You never know what else you can gain during the journey with enPower.  

When I joined enPower I was mainly doing sourcing at my first project. The company is definitely great and I was enjoying a lot working there. But I want to do more than sourcing, so I discussed with my project manager. Later they moved me to my current project, where I can be involved in the whole process of hiring. Here, the coolest thing is, they give you a chance to challenge new things, even your experience is limited. In every life stage, people are looking for different things. Don't you want to work in a company, that hears your voice and supports your dream? If your answer is "Yes", then you should join us.”