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en world-India brings “enPower”, an RPO solution portfolio, unique to the en group to India

Posted by en world Japan

almost 5 years ago

RPO is increasingly becoming popular. en world-India launches its most popular global  “en Power” Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services from Japan to Indian Market

Overview of “enPower”

  • End to End RPO – Full Cycle Recruitment Process Support. This service can encompass everything from recruitment process design through on-boarding; change management and technology management. Can be company-wide or geographic, skill-based, business unit specific.

  • On-Demand Project RPO – Addresses a seasonal demand or business driven hiring needs. Project-based volume hiring for a new project/product/service development. Usually short-term to meet the project recruitment requirement.

  • Function-based RPO – Customized support for distinct components of the talent acquisition lifestyle. Typical support includes Direct Sourcing, Screening, Interview Scheduling, Interviewing and may also include recruiter augmentation.

Benefits of “enPower” - RPO Service

  • Increased efficiency as the expert 

  • Access To A Wider labor Market

  • Improved screening process

  • Reduced turnover by improving quality of hire

  • Reproducible effective measurement

  • Improved recruitment branding image

Background of  “en Power”

In the current job market of an ever-increasing demand for talent, foreshadowed by a declining workforce, Japan is quoted year on year by many sources, as the most challenging country to acquire professional talent. Talent Acquisition has become a bottleneck for countless global companies, looking to expand their footprint in the Japan market. Japan has a unique recruitment environment that is filled with extraordinary challenges in increasing recruitment costs coupled with unique difficulties in talent attraction, facilitating a successful talent acquisition strategy usually requires a large recruitment budget and is a source of major concern for HR executives in global companies, as it can be challenging to communicate these Japan-specific challenges to their respective regional reporting lines or headquarters.

To address these unique challenges, EWJ has launched “en Power”, which is comprised of customer-specific tailored made RPO solutions. EWJs ability to leverage over seven million candidates registered within EWJs parent company en japan, coupled with Japan`s largest recruitment agency and mid-career database, en Power is able to provide a Japan specific RPO solution, backed by a proven track record in delivery. This is also augmented by the groups consolidated expertise in recruitment process optimization and know how, derived from an extensive track record of hiring for mid-career, executive, and specialist professionals for global companies.

Client partners will be able to realize cost efficiency through utilizing en Power’s unique RPO service offerings that are supplemented by en Japan’s various HR solutions. By utilizing en Power, a recruitment empowering partner, clients will be able to attract top talent, improve quality of hire, increasing retention, and configure successful workforce planning and management strategies, all made possible by best of breed of tailored RPO solutions.