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"The candidates that en world had the opportunity to support have a very high stick rate, and we believe that this is because we aim to provide the best match between our clients and candidates. 

The following are just a few of the many positive voices we have received from our customers who have used our services. "

Message from candidates that we are currently supporting

Executive Director/Financial Controller, Global Construction Parts Company​

"I am not sure if I will receive an offer, but I really appreciate all the support up until now.

I would not have made it here if your consultant didn't put in her full effort.

It is still unknown whether I will be going to company A, but I am looking forward to receiving her career support for the next 20 years."

Chief of APAC Operations, Ship Industry

"Thank you for taking your time for the meeting earlier.

Your consultant introduced me to many new possibilities, and I realized that I was being too obsessed with my reason for wanting to change jobs.

I thought that the only way to build confidence was to strengthen my expertise, but if I can find a company where I can utilize my experience and skillsets, that would be another way to increase my confidence.

I will start right away on researching the companies you introduced to me."

Message from our candidates

Customer Success Manager, Saas IT Company

"In my previous position, I had a tought time resigning as the successor for the ongoing project was not decided for a while.

Then with Covid-19 I feared that my offer would be retracted, however, I finally got to where I needed.

I joined an all-hands meeting recently where the atmosphere was great, and I can't thank my consultant enough for the introduction!

It will be difficult to achieve results with remote work, but I will try not to rush and progress at my pace.

We should definitely catch-up once the situation is improves."

Senior Engineer, Global IT Company

"It was a very good experience working with your consultant while trying to find a new opportunity.

He was extremely helpful and professional and unlike most recruiters, I could tell that he was genuinely looking out for my best interests rather than his own gain.

I would definitely work with him again and I can honestly recommend him to anyone who is looking."

Data Analyst, Global Digital Consulting Firm

"I had the opportunity to work with your consultant in finding a new role and was consistently impressed with his professionalism, dedication, and support throughout the entire recruitment process.

The consultant was prompt in his response and transparent in his communication and coordination.

He was very approachable, helpful, and took the time to listen to my requirements.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a new job opportunity."

Message from our candidates that are Enabling Success

IT Consultant, Global Consulting Firm

"It was a very stimulating year with lots to learn. I am really glad that I made this job change, thank you for your support.

I would like to continue to learn and challenge something new this year. I look forward to continue working with you. "

Product Engineer, Global Automotive Parts companyFirm

"Thank you for following up for a whole year. I was able to challenge something new in my career, and learned a lot of new things in the past year.

Thanks to this new job, I was able to strengthen my expertise.

I also realized that the work I do in my current position is in high demand from other companies, meaning that my year of persevering did not go to waste. 

I am now capable of moving into a new role with confidence, with motivation to grow further. Let's meet again when we get a chance!"

Message from our clients

CFO, Robotics Venture Company

"The consultant at en world is very strong in recruiting engineers. He has introduced us to 5 engineers, which is the most introductions in our history with our partner recruitment firms.

All 5 engineers are now working for us, and they are all evaluated as high performers. Out of all the consultants we work with, I think he is the best.

To be honest, the consultant is so good that I don't really want to introduce him, but it would be great to see contribution to your other investment areas and generate more support from you from our company, I will introduce our consultant in-charge from en world. "

Managing Director of Asia, European electronic manufacturing company

"I had the chance to work with your consultant on the search of a country manager for Japan. I have been impressed by his capability to actively listen and understand our requirements for the role.

Your consultant has been extremely professional in his mission and went the extra mile to find the right talent for our company.

He is smart, driven, meticulous, and know-how to interact with the different stakeholders during the recruitment process.

A real business partner! Thank you!"

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