Tips To Effectively Find And Hire Passive Job Candidates

Tips to Effectively Find and Hire Passive Job Candidates

Passive candidates are those not actively looking for a job but willing to take one if the right chance comes along. They are deemed “Treasure” in recruitment. Being as much as 80% satisfied with their jobs (according to a survey by LinkedIn in 2014), they are an asset of the companies they work for, which is why hiring passive candidates remains a tricky part in recruiting processes. Below are several tips that support your searching and hiring these candidates.

Industry Events

Speaking at industry events, networking meetings, job clubs is a great step to connect with viable candidates. Your presence and presentation will speak volumes about your company

Online Communication Tools

Hiring passive candidates means you need to combine multiple tools. Online communication methods such as writing blog content that gets shared on social media, forums or chat groups, promoting news about your company, sending periodical newsletter including content about thought leadership and industry news, accompanied by a job ad corner highlighting certain openings.

Recruiting Agencies

Consider asking for help from recruiting service providers. Their consultants have access to a wide pool of candidates whom you may not otherwise meet. Recruiters with deep and well-cultivated network will connect you with the most viable candidates in the passive market.

Employee Reference

Why not asking for reference from inside your company? Take the initiative to ask your employees if they can refer any good fit for your vacancy. Also, post your opening on the company intranet or in internal newsletter, ask them for reference and include referral bonus if any.

Relationship Building

When it comes to approaching a passive candidate, do not jump to make a pitch right away. Instead, allow them some time to ‘warm up’. Be patient and build your relationship first. When they say “no” to an offer, ask them to recommend anyone that may be interested in the position.

Effective Incentives

Bear in mind that passive candidates are mostly satisfied with their current jobs. You should make sure to design a suitable benefit package that can motivate them. Below are some suggestions for you:

  • Work-Life Balance: Attract their attention by extra flexible working hours or telecommuting arrangements.
  • Money: Few candidates are willing to jump ship if not offered higher salary. Make a research about the salary range for similar position in the industry to set an right salary for the candidate.
  • Advancement Opportunity: Do not focus on just what the employee can do for your organization. Provide them ideas about their career progression opportunities.

Challenges: Passive candidates are happy with what they have but may be under-stimulated in their current jobs. Take time to understand kinds of projects or challenges they want to involve in and create chance for them to express themselves to the fullest.