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In today’s fast paced oil market, where more companies are investing in recruiting an efficient workforce, the focus has shifted towards reliable relationships where the approach is more consultative than transactional recruitment.

With the strong growth in the offshore industry, many firms claim to be experts in sourcing and providing skilful personnel. However, we still hear that the greatest challenge for a lot of companies is attracting sufficient, experienced talent. Recruiting and retaining reliable personnel depends on the improvement of the perception of the industry. The Oil industry has a direct relationship with the global economy and as a result, the critical challenge for oil companies is assuring that we recruit the right skill for the right reasons.

Over the years, en world Australia has consulted with our clients on risk management strategies and focused on increasing the cooperation between internal recruitment functions and external consultancy firms. Successful companies in are aware of the importance of engaging professional external firms with broad industry knowledge, and are turning away from  unproductive firms without the correct sourcing model.

As the Offshore industry grows faster, more jobs are being created and it is important to weather the storm during the cycle of growth in order to successfully build a sufficient workforce.


Athena Kouhi,
Global Oil and Gas (Offshore) – Principal,
en world Australia

I endeavour to provide world class solutions to Oil companies around the globe and my clients are aware that investing in consultative recruitment models will differentiate their organisation and ensure a more reliable outcome.

Call me and ask for assistance or join me for updates on the current trend in offshore activities and recruitment solutions.

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We have the ability to support you with your Upstream requirements including but not limited to: Rig Manager, OIM, Rig Superintendent, Toolpusher, Driller, Drilling Engineer, Subsea Supervisor, Subsea Surveyor, Proposal Engineer, Offshore Structural Engineer, Sales Engineer – Oil, Oil Operation Manager, Process Engineer, MWD/LWD, Exploration Geologist, Commission Engineer, Shutdown Specialist.

en world Australia has over two decades of success as one of the independent Search and Consultancy firms providing technical recruitment services to clients.  I am so happy to be part of an organization that is helping the offshore  industry to shape its own future.

en world’s Offshore specialty provides vast coverage of the world’s major offshore oil and gas activities in an efficient and compatible way and its recruitment coverage spans USA, Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia, Middle East, Australia and parts of Europe.

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