Create An Effective Career Pivot For New Sales Managers

Create an effective career pivot for new sales managersMany newly promoted sales managers do not have formal training to master the skills they need. Given the importance of an effective career pivot for frontline sales manager, we en world recommend you bear in mind the following factors for sales management training courses.

Spaced Learning

When it comes to training new sales managers, an intensive training programme may not be effective. Instead, a spaced training schedule over a period of months will help the learner focus on each topic in more depth. This approach allows time for each skill to be mastered and applied to the job.

Executive Sponsorship

Executive sponsorship is important for the successful implementation of sales management training programmes. The executive needs to not only get a deep understanding of the material, but also get involved in the communication and start of the programme to ensure its success.

Follow-Up Plan

Unless you have a follow-up plan in place, your training programme will run the risk of not achieving the desired long-term behavior change. Have the new sales participants create their own action plan for the next 30/60/90 days and coach them as they incorporate the new knowledge and skills into their work.

Reinforcement And Coaching Sessions

After initial training, reinforcement and coaching sessions helps ensure that all participants will improve and transfer their new skills to the workplace. Remember to review the training information, answer questions, provide guidance and encourage and refine their personal action plans.